HD CVI TVI AHD UTP Video Balun: TT201P-HD-A1


> No power required, simplified project wiring

> Compatible with HDCVI/ HDTVI/ AHD

> Transmission distance (over Cat 5E/6):

HDCVI 720P: 400M / 1080P: 250M; 4MP:200M ; 4K/8MP: 200M(Max)

HDTVI 720P/1080P: 250M; 5MP:200M ; 4K/8MP: 150M(Max)

AHD 720P: 350M / 1080P: 200M; 5MP:200M; 4K/8MP: 150M(Max)

> Plug and play, real-time transmit CCTV HD video signal, video is high quality and stable

> Anti-interference, super lighting protection, ESD

> ABS outer shell, convenient to use in intensive project

> Push-terminal with pigtail, easier for installation


TT201P-HD-A2 video balun is a passive (non-amplified) device that allows the transmission of real-time CCTV HD video signal via cost-effective Unshielded Twisted Paired (UTP) cable. The TT201P-HD-A2 is compatible with all HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and CVBS analog cameras.

It has a mini-coax pigtail lead which allows quick mounting onto fixed cameras, allows in-camera mounting in most dome cameras and allows flexible connection with DVR. Push-pin terminal block allows tool-less

connection of UTP cable output. Used in pairs,TT201P-HD-A2 eliminates costly and bulky coaxial cable.

The superior interference rejection and low emissions of the TT201P-HD-A2 allow video signals to coexist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom, or damaging voltage spikes. Its crosstalk and noise immunity ensure quality video signals.  Widely used in security, teaching industry and other complex system environment.


> Mini size, push-terminal,easier for installation

> Economical type


Transmission Signal: 1 channel

Transmission Distance:

>HDCVI 720P: 400M / 1080P: 250M; 4MP:200M ; 4K/8MP: 200M(Max)

>HDTVI 720P/1080P: 250M; 5MP:200M ; 4K/8MP: 150M(Max)

>AHD 720P: 350M / 1080P: 200M; 5MP:200M; 4K/8MP: 150M(Max)

Category Type: UTP CAT5/ 5E/ 6

Twisted-pair Video Connector: BNC-M

Compatible Format: HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD/CVBS

Resolution: 720P/1080P/3MP/4MP/5MP/4K(8MP)

Ant-interference: >60db


>1a contact discharge electricity level3

>1b air discharge electricity level3

>Per: IEC61000-4

Coaxial Cable Connector: 2KV(common-code),Per:IEC1000-4-5

UTP Cable Connector: 2KV(different-code),4KV(common-code),Per:IEC1000-4-5

BNC Male: 75 ohms

UTP Cable: 100 ohms

Shell: ABS

Color: Black

MTBF: >10000H

Operating Temperature: -10-55ºC

Storage Temperature: -20-70ºC

Humidity: 0-95%(non-condensing)

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