Great Indoor Full Color Tube Chip Colo Led Display P5 Flexible Screen Matrix

A complete inquiry need to show:
Soft/flexible indoor full color led display module soft led display panel...

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A complete inquiry need to show:

Soft/flexible indoor full color led display module soft led display panel
1. led screen panel pixel pitch, if you dont know how to choose, contact us
2. led screen size:length ___m; width___m,or cabinet quantity;
3. use for indoor or outdoor;
4. use for fixed installation or rental?
5. soft flexible module led screen need structure draft;
6. intallation place pictures will be better;
7. your skype or whatsapp or others except email,sometimes our customer can't received ur email.

Nowadays, the soft led display module become more and more popular in led display market because it could be folded into many different shapes, and it is excellent for making flexible led display screens.
Today let's show you our software led display modules here.

soft led module is super thin, very light weight and most flexible to design shapes, effects, in any types, arc in any angles. 

With repeating curving,it won't break LEDs as well design of mask covers.
1.Module with small-unit and flexible design,makes possiblity of more complicated shapes for the video show.
2.Assembling screen with soft led modules directly,saving time and effort,easy operation.
3.Magnet connection,easy to assemble & disassemble,it is frontal service maintenance.
4.No cabinet metal frame,drastically deducting the screen weight.we can design any shape of structure as you need.
5.Strict quality control and long-term application experience verified the stablity and excellent performance by using Epistar LED, and MBI5124 Driving IC for high refresh rate and performance.
6.Widely applied in shaped stage background/exhibition/shopping mall etc.



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