Led Display Glasses

Very high perspective rate, with 70%-95% permeability, to ensure that the glass curtain wall Original light perspective function....

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Product Features:

(1) Lamp bead Anti-collision performance is strong

(2) Very high perspective rate, with 70%-95% permeability, to ensure that the glass curtain wall Original light perspective function.

(3) Do not occupy space, light weight.Motherboard thickness only 10mm, the display screen body general weight only 15kg/㎡, without changing the structure, directly fixed on the glass curtain wall.

(4) Without steel frame structure, save a lot of installation and maintenance cost.Directly fixed on glass curtain wall, without any steel frame structure, save a lot of cost.

(5) The unique display effect because the display background is transparent, can make the advertisement screen give the person suspended in the glass curtain wall The feeling, has the very good advertisement effect and the artistic effect.

(6) Maintenance convenient and fast indoor maintenance, fast and safe, saving manpower and resources.

(7) Energy saving and environmental protection do not need the traditional refrigeration system and air conditioning cooling, more than ordinary LED display energy saving more than 30%.

Company Profile:

Our company is an innovative and professional company that devotes to developing, manufacturing and marketing LED Display and led display glasses products. 

With the highest standards of product quality and service, our products are well exported to 70 countries and territories, and there are more than 700 successful projects all over the world. And this figure is increasing every year. Meanwhile, Our Products are very popular in American, Canada, Austria and Europe Countries.

Now our company is becoming a leading integrated solution provider in this industry and will be the most responsible and reliable partner to the enterprises and designers who are committed to LED Optoelectronics industry. 


Q1: How to help client choose suitable led display?


(1) application palce

(2) viewing distance 

(3) display brightness

(4) budget and cost control, obviously its our first concern for we both

Q2: What about your technical support of led display?

A2: Proffessional engineers are on standby, can offer guidance, on site technical support as required for led display installation & maintanence

Q3: What's the control system of led display?

A3: For led display of synchronization control: Nova, Linsn or Mooncell control system.

For led display of asynchronous control: Onbon or Xixun control system.

Q4: What's the warranty of your LED displays?

A4: We provide 2 years warranty and conditioned lifetime technical support for our LED display products.

Q5: What's your payment of led display?

A5: Our payment method is T/T 30% as deposit, balance before delivery.

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