P6 Outdoor Stage Rental LED Screen Display

Pixel Pitch: 6 mm
LED Type: SMD2727
Module size(mm): 192mm*192mm
Scan Mode: 8s...

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Pixel Pitch

6 mm

LED Type


Module size(mm)


Scan Mode


1. Super light-weight only 7kg, single can be single portable, installation up unusually easy;

2. ultra-thin-the box adopts die-casting aluminum molding, high strength, strong toughness, high precision, not easy to deformation, labor-saving for transportation;

3. fast-box upper and lower around the use of fast locking mechanism, 10 seconds to complete a box installation, high installation accuracy;

4. reliable--high strength hardness, good heat dissipation effect;5. the Cost-box weight light, the required installation costs are low;Low power consumption of box, save operation cost and reduce labor cost.



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