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What Will Be The Impact Of The Opening Of The First Expo In The LED Display Industry
Nov 07, 2018

Guide: Under the expectation, China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the entering fair) kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on the morning of November 5.
Under the expectation, China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the entering fair) kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on the morning of November 5.
With the theme of "New Era and shared future", the import Expo will usher in the participation of 172 countries, regions and international organizations, more than 3,600 enterprises exhibiting, the total exhibition area of 300,000 square meters, a total of more than 400,000 domestic and foreign buyers to negotiate procurement, this scale is amazing, The aim is to allow the world to pass through the window of Shanghai and realize that "the door of China's opening will never close."
China's Chinese fair is by far the world's first import-themed national exhibition, but also the Chinese government to promote economic globalization to provide international public goods, is to promote the construction of the human destiny Community of practical action.So, through the unprecedented scale of the global open cooperation international arena, but also in the growth stage of the LED display industry to bring what?
Exhibition scale unprecedented stimulation of LED display market demand
This Import Exposition Exhibition hall area is large, including 270,000 square meters of enterprise exhibition area and 30,000 square meters of national exhibition area, more than 3,000 enterprises around the world to participate in the event.If you want to stand out from the many stands to attract the attention of the viewer, exhibitors really need to spend a little "small mind."


▲ UK Booth
In many booth sites, in addition to a wide range of goods, we also uncover the exhibitor's eye-catching sharp--led display.
Whether it is the National Exhibition area, or the Enterprise exhibition area, the booth with the help of large area LED display as the transmission carrier, not only by virtue of its high brightness, color and other advantages to attract the attention of the viewer, but also through the effective dissemination of LED display information, can vividly and comprehensively show the characteristics of each country's culture, as well as the concept , features and other elements to accurately display and pass on to the audience, or there is a "two birds" wonderful.


▲ Brazil Booth
Exhibition is a visual communication integration of the composition of a compelling complex body, communication and transmission to a large extent depends on the creation of visual effects, and with the continuous progress of display technology, high-definition full-color LED display system has become the major exhibition site of the "frequent visitors", especially the shape of the variable-shaped LED display, can be in accordance with the needs of exhibitors stitched into arcs, rings, spheres and other shapes, has become a beautiful landscape in the exhibition.
And by the world's attention into the first successful holding of the Expo, not only the exhibition form to promote the global economic development of effective ways to the front end, but also to deepen the exhibition with the impression of LED display, in the exhibition culture of the current, and further promote the LED display market demand exuberant.

Continue to promote the construction of "Belt and Road" to build a trade promotion platform
In 2013, an important cooperative initiative to build the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road was proposed, and at the opening ceremony of the Expo on the occasion of the 5 anniversary of the construction of the belt, the president again stressed that China would continue to promote the construction of the "Belt and Road", adhere to joint ventures, and work with relevant countries to promote major projects Build more trade promotion platforms.

It is well known that the "Belt and Road" along the route is mostly emerging economies and developing countries, is in the development stage, all aspects of the construction are in progress, to Russia, Southeast Asia and other representative of the emerging market are China's LED display products export of the new blue Sea, but also China's LED display enterprises into the Central Asian and Eastern European markets an importantMore importantly, LED display small and medium-sized enterprises ride the "Belt and Road" strategy of the ride, but also to a large extent to solve the financial problems.
For the LED display enterprises that have been intensive cultivation in the domestic market, in the face of increasingly saturated, overcapacity market, the use of "One Belt, One road" development opportunities to run away is not a new choice.Therefore, the Import Expo in the "Belt and Road" initiative to propose the five anniversary of the important node held, has the significance of carrying forward, not only to the previous "Belt and Road" summit, China-Africa Cooperation Forum and other cooperation mechanisms to consolidate, but also to promote the next step in cooperation to create more opportunities.To this end, China LED display Enterprises "go out" will also usher in the strategic window period and the development of the golden period.
Reduce import tariffs and reduce the cost of R & amp; d Equipment
At present, the world is in a "century without great change", against globalization, trade protectionism, economic nationalism and populism and other trends, trade war has exacerbated the panic in the global market.China's use of the Expo as an opportunity to actively expand imports, not only to provide countries with positive expectations, but also to improve the global development deficit provides a new path.The Chairman said at the opening ceremony that China would further reduce tariffs, improve the level of customs clearance facilitation, reduce the institutional costs of import links, and speed up the development of new modes of new business, such as cross-border e-commerce.
Looking at the global LED display production, China is also a well-deserved LED display manufacturing countries, and even in the development of these years, China LED display is also rewriting the world LED display industry pattern.However, China's LED display industry started late, even if China's LED display industry has been a great development, but in the production equipment, due to the performance of the advantages, is still mainly imported.
Compared with domestic equipment, foreign introduction costs are higher, to small and medium-sized LED display enterprises to bring huge capital pressure.These enterprises in order to pursue a certain profit space, can only abandon product quality and innovation in the pursuit of concentration in the middle and low end of the field, resulting in the overall quality of domestic LED display is low, directly detrimental to the long-term development of the LED display industry.Through the successful holding of this expo, China will further reduce import tariffs, further reduce processes, compress time, and continuously reduce institutional costs.Continue to unlock the domestic market potential, expand the import space, not only to reduce the LED display industry R & amp; d costs, but also to cultivate the LED display industry in the high-end consumer market.
China has taken the initiative to open the "door" to the world, attracting many outstanding international enterprises into China, promoting the diversification of the Chinese market, but also for local enterprises will bring great competitive pressure.Of course, pressure is not only the driving force, in the international high-end market stimulation, I believe that the LED display industry will move to a higher level.

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