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What Places Are The LED Advertising Screens Applied To
Jun 27, 2018

LED display screen used to be mainly used in business areas: shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, hotels; now gradually to the industrial field, family development; more typical is the use of PLC and LED display and home LED TV, lighting. Some of the use of the LED advertising screen, although dare not say that it must not be said, but also at least can be said that it is indispensable, a little attention to some of our daily trips can be found in the LED advertising screen everywhere visible. From this, we can build LED advertising screens which have been widely used by people and suppliers for outdoor activities. Of course, this does not exclude the simple play of advertising, or provide information services, or even the role of the salesman, and so on... Below we will be by herno to share the LED advertising screen is mainly used in which places are more.

1, some cinemas and convenience stores

In recent years, I believe that friends who have been to the cinema can find that all the ticket machines are everywhere in the ticket area of the cinema. Most of them are landing. In fact, these are from one of the LED advertising screens. A little difference is with the touch screen, the corresponding components and programs, and the LED advertising screen. It can display advertising information and can be used as a window for ticket sales. There are also some convenience store supermarkets that can also see products like this, whose functions are almost the same.

2. Commercial office buildings and elevators

It is believed that many people who live in large and medium cities can often see video ads similar to TV sets in the office building, the elevator door or the elevator inside the residential area. This phenomenon is rare and not common in the countryside. In fact, these are the wall mounted LED advertising screens, which are very large and useful. Very wide, the choice of such a LED advertising screen advertising, can basically see a number of people travel in the commute time point, location for the elevator in the home, the job location elevator.

3. Some public transport places

These traffic places mainly refer to the urban public transport hub, including the subway station, the airport, the high railway station, the railway station and other places. These are all areas of human flow gathering, of course, the existence of the LED advertising screen. Because at this time LED advertising screen can guide the direction of the group, for example, people scattered in the crowd, of course, a considerable part of the LED advertising screen or large LED display, mainly the real traffic information, ticket flight information, and the audience's attention to these real information to display advertising content. So as to achieve some of the purpose that you want.

Through the above LED display manufacturer Heleno tells us that we have found that LED advertising screen has entered into every area of our life, work and travel.

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