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What Matters To Be Noticed Before Using The LED Display
Jun 27, 2018

(1) all warnings and operating instructions on the LED full color display screen, and keep the instructions in reserve. Please do not operate this system until you have read all the instructions and safety instructions.

(2) it is recommended that all parts of the product should be checked before use.

(3) the electrical specifications of this product are recorded on the back panel of the product. Please do not use other electrical specifications according to the electrical specifications on the back panel.

(4) the wiring during installation and commissioning should be carried out in case of power failure, so as to avoid damage to the LED display.

(5) do not place full color display on an unstable shelf or table. It may cause different damage and discharge.

(6) do not place the LED display near the heat source near the electric heater or in a poorly ventilated place.

(7) please do not place this product in dripping or wet or damp places.

(8) do not attempt to repair the display screen, so as not to cause electric shock or other hazards due to opening the lid.

(9) when you operate in accordance with the correct instructions, if the product fails to work properly, please refer to the troubleshooting instructions, do not change the operation arbitrarily, and make the damage expand. It is difficult for the maintenance personnel to repair the product.

(10) the screen of LED display can not be disassembled by itself, which may cause product damage.

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