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The Significance Of The Development Of High-definition Surveillance Cameras To Society, And The Problems
Dec 25, 2018

A harmonious society needs to improve everyone's thinking and avoid some things that are not necessary. High-

definition monitoring is different from traditional analog monitoring, and the picture quality is clearer. The security monitoring has risen from "visible" to "clear", and a qualitative leap has taken place. In recent years, with the large-scale application and popularization of high-definition monitoring projects and projects in safe cities and road monitoring areas around the country, it is not uncommon for the police to use high-definition surveillance to crack down on cases and arrest criminals.

     In the past few years, with the continuous improvement of people's demand for surveillance video security, monitoring security wealth has achieved rapid growth. The application of video security has grown from some related industries to the needs of the public market, from local security to regional and inter-provincial long-distance security, from the initial imitation of video security to the ip video with multiple advantages at the moment. Security. At present, with the high-definition skills innovation and growth, people's actual needs for image clarity, the high-definition security on the market has also grown rapidly. Shenzhen Shiguo Technology Liu Shili hinted: "Explosion-proof high-definition security as an important branch of high-definition security, has gradually become the growth trend of the explosion-proof security industry, especially for those intelligent security that are equally important injury occasions, HD security is their What is urgently needed."

 China's monitoring industry followed the promotion of “safe city” and ushered in a high-speed growth. This is an opportunity and a provocation. We must grow and have a healthy and quality growth. The entire monitoring market in the country is more cluttered than the same scale. It is difficult for customers to identify the formal monitoring products and manufacturers. The products of counterfeit and falsehood are endless. This is a sign that the industry is very hurt, so it is urgent to implement relevant parts to implement effective The method and management. Currently, in security, high-definition security, high-definition camera collection, so many businesses will seize this opportunity, shoddy, standardize the HD, which brings many losses to many users, but also to the whole Monitoring the growth of the industry has brought unfortunate effects. Here, Xiao Bian gives a general explanation of the growth, advantages and existing problems of HD related skills:

I. The fall of related skills in high-definition security growth
1. Progress in discriminating rate
 The current imitation camera is close to the limit from the perspective of clarity, and it is difficult to break it in a short time. However, all aspects of the HD collection camera are still in the rapid promotion stage. The paradox is a full-time 720p, 1080p discriminator camera. From the traditional standard definition d1 discrimination rate (ie 720 × 576 pixels) to 1080p discrimination rate (1920 × 1080 pixels), the amount of picture information has been promoted by about 5 times, and the number of lines of clarity has more than doubled.

2, the progress of coding efficiency
 As we all know, h.264 currently supports three primary encoding methods, which are high profile, mainprofile, and baseline profile, and the coding efficiency is low. In the communication quality, the video encoded by the highprofile method takes up only 50% of the bandwidth of the baselineprofile. The low bandwidth will bring down the cost of a series of monitoring system. For example, the storage rate of 4m will require 43.2g of space per day, while the 2m code rate storage only needs 21.6g of space. The storage cost is reduced by half. .

3. Standardization of transmission protocols
 The monitoring brands in the country are vast, and the protocols collected by HD network cameras are not the same. It is difficult for the manufacturers to collect security equipment to coexist in a security system. With the adoption of high-definition collection cameras, the scale of collection and transmission protocols has been recognized by more and more manufacturers, the paradox is that onvif has more and more followers.
 The scale of the collection and transmission of the protocol, so that the security system of each manufacturer is free to become a network. In the next few years, the recycling of standardized collection and transmission protocols will become a passport for HD collection cameras to go to market.







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