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The Market Prospect Of Transparent LED Display
Sep 26, 2018


In recent years, with the LED display industry market demand expansion, the application of the field of continuous widening, LED display products show a diversified development trend.and led transparent screen as a rising star of LED display industry, with its thin, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability and other advantages, in the glass curtain wall, stage choreography display, outdoor advertising and new retail and other fields of application, is in an eye-catching attitude into our vision.According to the relevant agencies, the LED transparent display market value of about $87.2 billion by 2025.Led transparent screen with a new application form, technology leading development and close to the mass demand of the design concept so that it in a short period of time to rise rapidly, a new blue sea market prototype has now.

Led transparent screen new advantages to subvert the traditional display
Outdoor advertising has always been the most important market for LED display.However, in recent years, with the LED outdoor advertising screen of light pollution gradually increased, as well as the LED display structure security issues also caused the user attention, the relevant agencies on the LED outdoor display technology standards and installation approval is more stringent.General LED outdoor Advertising screen in the work can play a light city, release information function, but because of its steel structure, when the LED display is not used, stand in the middle, and the surrounding environment seems out of place, greatly affected the city's aesthetics.and led transparent screen with its high permeability, stealth installation, highlighting and other characteristics, just make up for the conventional LED display in this aspect of the shortcomings, and to maximize the elimination of urban Aesthetics.In the application process, led transparent screen is installed behind the glass curtain wall, the daytime does not work, also does not affect the surrounding environment.At the same time, because it is a kind of indoor advertising outside the new form of communication, so good to circumvent the approval of outdoor advertising.


In addition, with the pace of urban construction accelerated, glass curtain wall This high-end atmosphere of the grade of building materials also began to become increasingly popular.Led transparent display has a very high perspective rate, enough to ensure that the floor and glass façade and other lighting structure of the brightness requirements and scope of view, at the same time, to ensure that the glass curtain wall of the original light perspective function.And, led transparent display screen body light weight, no need to change the structure, can be directly pasted on the glass curtain wall, do not occupy space.In high-end applications, such as automotive 4S Shop installation of glass curtain wall, led transparent screen can not only achieve the best transparency of glass, ensure that the interior design is not affected.And in the limited glass area, to achieve the maximum screen resolution, while ensuring the transparent glass curtain wall effect, whether from indoor or outdoor viewing, can be unobstructed, making high-end atmosphere of the site more with a more advanced technology breath.According to statistics, China's modern glass curtain wall has a total area of more than 70 million square meters, mainly concentrated in urban areas.The volume of such a huge glass façade is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising.




Thus, in recent years, more and more businessmen prefer to use led transparent screen to decorate the glass curtain wall construction, large shopping malls, science and technology enterprises and other places especially.In the commercial display, fashion brands, high-end products also like to use led transparent screen to foil the brand and product style.When playing promotional content, the background transparency can not only increase the sense of science and technology, but also highlight the product itself, so that the car, fashion apparel, jewelry and other high-end brands of transparent screen more favored.Led transparent screen used in glass curtain wall not only no vainly disobey sense, but also because of its fashion, aesthetics, rich in modern and scientific and technological atmosphere, to the city building adds a special beauty.Therefore, led transparent screen in the market has won the unanimous approval of everyone, received a wide range of attention and hot.

Show highlights multi-permeability performance is particularly good
There is no doubt that led transparent screen in the stage display of the use of the scene is also breathtaking.In the National economic development of the big environment, the national cultural entertainment activities are more prevalent, all kinds of arts, Gala, and star concerts and other activities on the LED display demand increasing, LED display leasing market also prospered.In view of the application in the field of choreography, we can also see a led transparent screen of the leasing road.Traditional LED display technology has been relatively mature in space and lifting and moving, but its layout has more restrictions on lighting design.box-style scenery, to the location of the lighting installation is extremely limited, so that the lack of atmosphere on the stage light, environmental light, so that the stage is lack of scene atmosphere, it is difficult to render the perfect stage effect.
The resulting led transparent screen greatly compensate the traditional LED display this part of the shortcomings.Led transparent screen can be based on the stage modeling diversification, the suspension of the screen, the performance of the overall depth of the stage frame, the use of the screen body itself transparent, thin, colorful features, produce a strong perspective effect, so that the overall depth of the picture is longer.In addition, transparent LED display technology and the use of a unique screen-transparent features, can be composed of three-dimensional lifelike, virtual ideal space, multi-screen co-display, for the space of the image movement, stage effects enhance the sense of layering, movement.LED transparent screen and the traditional LED display of the two-dimensional picture of the effect of contrast, showing three-dimensional space and real sense of stereoscopic, visual effects more shocking.
Different from the traditional LED display cumbersome and structured appearance, led transparent screen light and beautiful features will continue to help them open up a broader market.In the glass curtain wall, stage choreography display and outdoor advertising and other fields show increasing demand in the situation, led transparent screen market volume will be more and more large.


New retail creates incremental market for led transparent screens
In recent years, with the emergence of the concept of "new retail", retail as the representative of the digital signage industry rapidly expanding, led transparent screen in the Commercial Retail window, interior decoration, building façade and other fields play an important role in the new retail has brought great changes.As is known to all, store window display is a retail store for product display, promotion of an important means.LED transparent screen set easy to install, high permeability, light and beautiful, and many other advantages in a perfect solution to the Retail industry window video display problems, enrich the advertising style, so that its advertising design is very attractive.
In the new retail scene application, led transparent screen has its success story.As a well-known international brand, Uniqlo has already made use of the LED screen, opening up a way to find new retail.Through the LED large-screen display retail stores in the commodity category, the focus of marketing products and store promotional information, so that consumers more quickly buy their favorite products, promote consumer demand, improve store shopping conversion rate.At the same time, led transparent screen with novel and unique display effect, the picture suspended on the glass curtain wall, this mode of play than conventional LED display energy saving more than 30%, greatly reduce light pollution, reducing energy consumption.
The emergence of new retail is bound to promote the commercial display market development, but also to the LED display has created a certain incremental market.Undoubtedly, led transparent screen is becoming a dark horse in the area of LED display subdivision, and its wide application is accepted by more and more users.This also indicates that the key role of innovation in the field of LED display, led transparent screen to achieve further development in the field of commercial display, the need to increase scientific and technological input and innovation, according to the terminal needs of commercial market to improve the product, so that led transparent screen open the pace of expansion will gradually accelerate, is expected to become an important direction for the future display industry.

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