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The Functions And Features Of The LED Display System
Jun 27, 2018

One.Led system function

1. can scan the scanner, input various pictures and patterns (including handwritten font).

2. you can input video signals (TV, video, laser disc), real-time display of dynamic TV screen, and can display other charts and animations.

3. can input the computer signal to display the content of the computer monitor in real time, such as various forms, curves, pictures (stock quotations, stock analysis, deposit interest rate, foreign exchange price), etc., and can also show Beijing time, weather forecast, all kinds of news, current events, display mode and residence time. System;

4. animation shows various ways, such as the upper and lower, the left and right, the middle, the blinds, the running lights and so on.

5. the display time of each picture can be controlled and automatically switched.

6. windows can be displayed, that is, a part of the computer monitor pattern is displayed correspondingly.

7. The pixel of the display screen corresponds to the computer monitor point by point, and the mapping position is convenient and adjustable.

8. The arranged festivals can be replaced at any time, including the content of the festival, the order of the play, the length of the play, and the change of the festival can be displayed in time.

9. the control computer can be used as a workstation on the network to read real-time data from the specified server and display it on the screen.

Functional characteristics of two.Led system

1. modular design, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Is implemented in full hardware, without software driver, high speed, reliable and direct, and avoids multi-layer loading of software.

3. The Display screen has high brightness, stable effect, clear and no flicker.

4. All graphics displayed on the computer monitor can be displayed on the display solution, and the software compatibility is strong.

5. Adopts nonlinear chromatic aberration correction technology, showing good effect, high resolution, clear picture and text, smooth animation effect and no mosaic phenomenon.

6. LED is an elliptical structure, visible angle, good luminous effect and high luminous efficiency

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