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The Four Trends Of Small Era Led Electronic
Oct 12, 2018


The four trends of "small era" led electronic screen
With the continuous improvement of the overall level of microelectronics assembly technology in China, the pixel center distance of high-density indoor LED display has made a breakthrough, the indoor LED display pixel center distance has entered the 1.Xmm era.In outdoor applications, surface-mount LED packaging technology improvements and outdoor module protection level to improve the barrier of outdoor full color pixel center distance 10mm, the pixel center distance is constantly refreshed, the 5.Xmm pixel center distance outdoor full color large screen has been applied in the market.Along with the LED display into the "small era" at the same time, the industrial development has also appeared some new trends.

Trend a small pitch LED display will become the mainstream of indoor and outdoor market applications
The small-pitch LED display is the LED display with the pointing spacing below P2.5, which uses pixel-level point control technology to achieve the brightness of the display pixel units, the reduction of color and the uniformity of the state control.Since 2010, the conventional LED display competition is particularly fierce, the price war almost encroached on the basic profits of enterprises.Subsequently, a variety of emerging areas of the rapid development of the market, outdoor media, advertising, indoor stickers, profiled screen and other market performance bright Eyes, wherein the high-density small-pitch LED display has become * bred concern products.At present, the small-pitch LED display profit is relatively rich, in the monitoring, command, scheduling, conference and other high-end areas also have a greater potential for development, the future better prospects.

Trend two how to make small current density is the key to the success of LED display
In the lighting field, in order to obtain high-brightness lighting products, the end-use manufacturers generally choose to use "large current density chip."However, after the LED display application enters the "small pitch era", the appropriate led current density is exactly the opposite.This is mainly because in the application of the screen, the product is not better than who do the screen more "bright", but whose screen do more "dark", "dark" to the dark environment will not cause irritating damage to the human eye.
The demand for LED devices is high, because when the current density is small to 0.3~0.4 amperes, how to deal with the relationship between conduction and leakage current of semiconductor devices is a difficult problem.

Trend the application of the three-small current technology puts more stringent requirements on the device packaging level.
With the small current chip gradually become the mainstream of the industry, to solve the reverse leakage current problem will become the key to the success of the display products.The maintenance of the small-pitch display is very difficult, which puts forward higher requirements for the reliability parameters such as current control and antistatic capability of the chip.The reliability of the device is also closely related to the encapsulation technology, so it makes more stringent demands on the device's package level.At present, China's mainland market for QFN small-pitch package is about hundreds of KK per month, the future is likely to exceed 1000kk, but the relative capacity of mainland enterprises is almost zero.In the long run, QFN technology will gradually replace PLCC technology as the mainstream trend in the future of LED packaging, so the packaging enterprises may wish to enter the field rationally.

Trend four LED display the real market is to replace a single projection product
From the present situation of industrial development, it is unrealistic to hope that the LED display (especially the small-span display) will enter the home market and multiply the growth rate to realize the leap-forward development.
Compared to the LCD display, the absolute advantage of the LED display is its energy-saving effect.However, the LED display does not have an absolute advantage in terms of user experience and price cost.
However, compared with the existing single projection products, the LED display has a great advantage in terms of color, energy consumption and sharpness.Therefore, the replacement of single projection products will be the future growth of LED display market key point of entry.
China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association vice President Guan Jijian: In the LED Display Market application innovation, the creative market, small point spacing product market, advertising media market become the mainstream;In the specialized service innovation aspect, the control Board card, the specialized engineering service becomes the bright spot;In the marketing mode innovation, there are many models such as export-oriented marketing, terminal marketing, Channel marketing, OEM marketing and so on.

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