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The Development Trend Of LED Light Pole Screen In Smart City In 2019
Feb 11, 2019

With the development and application of new technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet, modern work and life are undergoing profound changes, and traditional urban management and service models have become difficult to adapt. On the road of exploring further development, the construction of smart cities has become a hot topic in the past two years. According to the data, as of the end of 2017, more than 500 cities across the country have clearly proposed or are building smart cities. It is expected that the market size will reach 18.7 trillion yuan by 2021. It can be seen that smart cities are the general trend.

    In order to build a smart city, it is first necessary to lay a series of networked infrastructures. Based on the widespread distribution of urban street lights, it is an important breakthrough in the realization of information-based and digital system construction. When it comes to streetlights, everyone is familiar with it, but can check the weather forecast, environmental monitoring, search for tourist attractions and public transportation information, and can also connect to WIFI, the smart street light (also known as the smart light pole) for charging electric vehicles. In recent years, intelligent products under the spur of wisdom demand.

    With the continuous advancement of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things, industry demand has put forward more requirements for the duties of street lamps, such as urban environmental monitoring, video surveillance, wireless networks, emergency calls, and charging piles. However, in order for these functions to be fully integrated on one pole and interconnected, a core connection medium is required, which is the LED pole screen.



 The LED light pole screen is an LED display mounted on the light pole. It is also a new generation of media equipment that is digital, networked and informationized. It carries the responsibility of content communication, fragmentation application and intelligent management channel for the entire smart streetlight project. . At present, no company can undertake a smart streetlight project from start to finish, but it is done by many suppliers. The professional LED light pole screen provider is able to always focus on LEDs because it realizes this. In this subdivision of the light pole screen terminal, this single product is refined, penetrated and optimized.

    At present, the LED light pole screen terminal has integrated outdoor highlighting, high-definition power saving, cluster control, remote synchronous playback, automatic brightness adjustment, smoke, wetness, warmth, PM2.5 monitoring, remote power switch, intelligent monitoring, Voice and video interaction, face recognition and other functions not only meet the needs of the scene application of smart street lights, but also set off a wave of wisdom to display information.

    It is worth noting that the smart light pole has gradually turned towards the diversified appearance and the multimedia development of the LED light pole screen terminal. The LED light pole screen application scheme is based on intelligent control, integrated application of Internet of Things technology, sensor technology, brightness. Automatically adjust and other information technology means to integrate emerging information technologies such as big data, smart monitoring, instant information transmission and multimedia display into the street lighting application environment to create efficient, convenient, energy-saving and intelligent LED outdoor application terminals. A professional, intelligent and integrated high-end convergence scene.

    With the acceleration of the current process of intelligentization, the current market dividend generated by the big cake of the smart light pole industry is increasing day by day. The current plans of the three major operators are expected to be officially launched in 2020. At that time, the demand for smart light poles equipped with base stations will be more likely to erupt in the past two years, and the LED light pole screen is a core component of the smart rod. It is an important channel to ensure the operation (charge) of the smart street lamp project, and it will surely usher in a new round of development opportunities in the future.

    The wisdom light pole is based on the wisdom of policy guidance, big market, big cross-border, big driving force, and possessing innate physical position. The LED light pole screen determines the shape, quality grade, core function display and intelligence of the smart light pole. The key to whether or not, cost of production, service life, and operating income. Therefore, the combination of smart light poles and LED light pole screens has somewhat reduced the operating cost of smart light poles, enriched the industrial form, improved the level of operation and management, and promoted the industry to iterate and in smart cities. Create greater value in the construction of the torrent.

    2020 is the explosion point of the smart light pole industry. In the past two years, the LED light pole screen provider has to improve product quality and improve the supply chain system, manufacturing system, R&D system and marketing system. At the same time of expanding market visibility, the establishment of a core customer base and an effective industrial development ecosystem will enable the smart city to occupy a trillion-dollar feng shui and occupy a favorable development position.


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