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The Big Cake In The Commercial Display Market Is Ready For LED Display When It Can Be Eaten
Dec 29, 2018

On the afternoon of December 7, 2018, the three-day 2018 Shenzhen (International) Smart Display System Industry Application Expo came to an end. It is reported that the Expo is under the guidance of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Shenzhen Economic and Information Technology Commission, and the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee. It is led by the China Commercial Display System Industry Alliance, Shenzhen Commercial Display System Industry Promotion Association, and Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Organized by the Economic Promotion Bureau, Shenzhen Ronghua Zhixian Industrial Service Co., Ltd. and Beijing Aowei Yunwang Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. hosted a historical event of the intelligent business industry.


Exhibition is the epitome of the industry
This ISVE Smart Display Show embraces high-end technologies in a variety of innovations such as artificial intelligence, intelligent cross-border, blockchain and big data. There are about 150 exhibitors, and the exhibits are digital signage, interactive whiteboard and intelligent business solutions. Mainly. The pavilion site is divided into six theme exhibition areas: smart display, digital signage, LED display, intelligent new retail, intelligent new business display, cross-border cooperation.


Exhibits include conference tablet, LCD splicing, laser projection, naked eye 3D, infrared touch, digital signage, machine nesting, various advertising machines, chips, advertising light source, industrial control board, advertising machine power supply, electronic whiteboard, power supply accessories, commercial TV, special display, Shangxian self-service equipment, system solutions, advertising information service system, etc., from raw material suppliers, channel providers to system integrators, one-stop service can be easily found at the exhibition site, exhibitors new products and cutting-edge technology also It can be seen at a glance.
The exhibition is a microcosm of the industry, this exhibition also allows us to better understand the commercial display industry. Among them, it is particularly shocking that there are few LED display screens on the exhibition site. Only a few companies like Changhong exhibited LED display screens. Is there really a few LED display screens in a large exhibition hall? The reason for this problem is caused by the situation of led display in the field of commercial display. The application of led display in commercial display field and the ratio of led display in this exhibition are indeed similar.

Big cake for commercial display market
Commercial display applications include finance, business, education, medical, tourism, media, transportation, community, public security, etc. This ISVE smart display showcases artificial intelligence, intelligent cross-border, blockchain and big data. Innovative vents of high-end technology, exhibiting digital signage, interactive whiteboard and intelligent business solutions.


The data of Ovi Cloud Network shows that in 2017, the scale of the 8 categories of commercial display in mainland China reached 54.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42%. At the same time, relevant experts also look forward to the future of the commercial market, and predict that in 2018, China's overall market is expected to exceed the scale of 60 billion yuan. The construction of smart cities has brought tremendous development opportunities to the smart business market. It is estimated that by 2020, the market size of smart business will exceed 100 billion yuan.
It can be said that this "big cake" in the commercial display market has been made large enough. It is necessary to know that the total sales of the LED display industry in 2017 is only 42.8 billion. If it can occupy a part of the share in the commercial market for the LED display industry. Volume growth will have a considerable impact. It is precisely because of this "big cake" is so "fragrance", the LED display industry companies are not willing to only smell its "fragrance" or just eat "breadcrumbs", LED display industry will eat more hard On this piece of cake.
Have the ability to eat cake
Over the years, LED display screens have been going to enter the commercial field on a large scale. However, after years of hard work, the application range of LED display in the commercial display market has indeed increased, especially in the well-drilling type of small-pitch LEDs in recent years. The growing technology of growth and small-pitch LEDs has provided kinetic energy for the development of LED displays in commercial markets. In the future, LED display products represented by small-pitch LEDs will continue to grow at a high speed, and the production process of small-pitch LEDs will become more mature, and the process of attacking the commercial display market will become faster and faster.


If you have the ability to eat "cakes," we must be clear about our "capabilities," and we must also understand the "capabilities" of our opponents. The advantage of the led display is that there is no splicing seam, but the price is expensive; the advantage of the LCD display is high resolution and low price, but the large size splicing has seams; and the largest commercial display market in the market today is the LCD display, it After so many years of development, we have a sophisticated production process, low price and excellent display performance. Even in these years, it has broken through its own flaws. It can also achieve a hundred-inch large screen without splicing. One hundred inches is not too big for LED display, but it is not easy for LCD. And this will certainly make the LCD position in the commercial display market more stable.


We are seeing that after many years of development of LCDs, we can still make breakthroughs. We should insist on the technical development of the products themselves and tap more potential to make more strides into more fields. And want to have a greater role in the commercial display market must be combined with their own characteristics to plan the advanced road, such as the brightness advantage in the commercial market how to use, many businesses in the choice of window screen is very entangled, traditional LCD The problem of insufficient brightness during the daytime display can not be solved, and the LED display is too bright at night, but the LED display factory can increase the brightness of the photosensitive module, etc., so that it may be possible to occupy this part of the subdivision.
There is also the possibility that the Mini/Micro LEDs in the industry may have advanced attacks on mobile phones, cars, e-sports, etc. in the future. All in all, when the technical level and product prices can not reach a certain commercial level, and give full play to other advantages to enter various fields, is this not a "skill"?


LED wants to eat the "big cake" in the commercial display market. It also depends on the potential exploration and technology research and development of LED. The multi-faceted development is more conducive to the progress of the industry. In addition, the price, the current commercial field, especially the window screen. Advertising machines, etc. are not large-size display media. If the LED display screen is to compete for this market, the price must continue to be close to the people. At the moment, people's screen interaction has become an irreversible trend; the requirements for intelligent display are getting higher and higher; the products of new eras such as touch screens and 3D screens are more and more; the development of smart cities and night travel economy; all this Tell us that a new era of display has arrived.
The new application form has followed and has been vigorously developed. The starting point of the LED display in such a new era is not too high or low. We must work harder to eat the big cake of the commercial display market. "And there are more "cakes" waiting for us to fight.



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