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The Advantages Of LED Display Screen
Jun 27, 2018

LED display screen is no stranger, walking on the street, usually see the beauty of the screen play out, its beautiful effect is known, so, do you know the advantages of the LED display completely?

1, safety: the LED display is different from the low voltage direct current supply voltage, which is very safe in use.

2, hardness: LED display using FPC as substrate, screen body hardness is appropriate.

3, high life: LED display in the same working environment and long hours, compared to the normal LED display life is much higher.

4, energy saving: compared with the traditional LED display, the energy saving of the LED display is very good, the power is low and the effect is more significant. For all large LED display manufacturers, this is also the first factor to be possessed.

5, easy installation: because of the material and structure of the LED display, it has the characteristics of lightness and convenience, which provides a very convenient condition for installation.

6, the color is realistic: the LED display uses high brightness patches, the color is realistic and soft, it will not harm the human eye, and the brightness is also high.

7, green environmental protection: the material adopts environmentally-friendly material, recyclable, processed and reused, and will not pollute the environment.

8, the heat is small: the biggest safety hazard of LED display is its long time of continuous work, the high heat generated will reduce the service life of the equipment, and even serious fire. LED displays a great deal of heat dissipation. The high efficiency heat treatment plus its own electronic components is low power, and the heat will not be big. It naturally eliminates this hidden danger.

9, widely used: LED display screen because of its light, quality and excellent effect and the LED display price is moderate, often used in various fields and various industries, more sophisticated in the future, its coverage will be more extensive!

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