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Research And Analysis On The Development Trend Of Glass Curtain Wall Led Transparent Display
Oct 12, 2018

Research and analysis on the development trend of glass curtain wall led transparent display

General LED display weight of general 30kg/above, on the screen body steel structure and the original structure of the load-bearing requirements of high, conventional LED display to do special-shaped products will be limited by its box structure, splicing abnormity when there is a defect in the seam problem, conventional LED screen in the construction of the need for large-scale steel structure, Time-consuming and laborious and has a certain influence on floor contour modelling and aesthetic degree.Conventional LED display is opaque, after the installation of the project, the day does not light, black and dark piece, affecting the appearance of the building beautiful, blocking the sun and sight, affecting indoor lighting.In addition, LED display manufacturers of vicious competition, resulting in a very low profit, enterprises to increase income does not increase profits, or even losses.Enterprises can only through independent innovation, to find a new way, in the product to make a difference in competition to survive, and now, the research and development of high-permeability glass curtain wall led transparent screen effectively solve the traditional LED display above a series of problems, thin and beautiful, the building load-bearing requirements are relatively low, not lit the case, Not affect the appearance of the building beautiful;High permeability to ensure that the floor, glass façade, windows and other lighting structure daylighting requirements and the scope of view, at the same time has a good heat dissipation function, anti-aging performance, and convenient installation and maintenance, completely change the conventional LED display screen in the application of the limitations of the glass.And as a new display technology products, profit can be controlled at about 30%, enhance the Division I in the industry's competitiveness and visibility.
One, conventional LED display board shortcomings and limitations
Along with the outdoor advertising LED display flooding is a series of negative issues, including the city image problem.LED display in the work of the time can certainly play a light city, the function of publishing information, but in the "rest" when the imitation

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