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New Trends In The Development Of LED Display Industry In The Second Half Of 2018
Dec 04, 2018


More than halfway through 2018, the industry's six people listed LED display companies released their 2018 semi-annual report. According to the performance report released by the six listed companies, the revenues of major enterprises in the first half of 2018 are red, and the net profit of more than half of listed companies has increased compared with the same period of last year. Net profit increased by 57.92% over the same period of last year.

The survival of listed companies reflects the overall development of the entire LED display industry to a certain extent. Then, from the performance descriptions of the above six listed LED screen companies, we are not difficult to see the entire LED display industry in the second half of the year. Development direction.

Small-pitch LEDs are developing rapidly. Intelligent display is the biggest attraction.

It can be seen from the performance report of listed companies that the small-pitch LED business still has the upper hand and has become the main contributor to the performance contribution of major listed companies. Especially in the first half of this year, international events such as the World Cup, Asian Games, Winter Olympics, and the Shanghai Summit of the SCO were held one after another, which directly led to the rapid growth of the number of domestic LED small-pitch displays in the world. At the same time, with the continuous maturity of technology, the research and development cost of small-pitch LEDs is gradually reduced. Under the strong promotion of smart cities and characteristic towns, the application of small-pitch LEDs is also accelerating, making them in theaters, homes, conference rooms, Security monitoring and other high-end display markets have a broader world, which will also become the strategic core market for LED display companies in the industry.
At the same time, with the maturity of emerging technologies such as MINI LEDs, the advantages brought by its application in LED small-pitch products have become more prominent, promptly inspiring a smoke-free war on technology development in the LED display industry. Compared with traditional SMD LEDs or COBs, Mini LEDs have more advantages in indoor display applications, including wider viewing angles, higher reliability, no moiré, etc., not at different viewing angles. There will be a color shift phenomenon, and there will be no stringing interference between the LEDs. Nowadays, all leading enterprises have stepped up their efforts in technology research and development. In this point of focus on technological innovation, who can complete the mass production of Mini LED ahead of time, who will seize the next opportunity to show the new era.

The economic development of the night tour is booming. The LED display welcomes the new blue sea.

The tourism industry has vigorously developed the “night tour economy”. Overnight, major cities have begun to actively build landscape display projects. According to estimates, the total number of landscape lighting markets in China will reach more than 300 billion in the past three years, which is also the landscape lighting project. The LED display market, which plays an indispensable role, brings unlimited business opportunities.
The application effect of LED display on the landscape display is more and more diversified. For example, at the Hangzhou G20 and the SCO Qingdao Summit Dinner, director Zhang Yimou uses the LED display to bring unparalleled photoelectric effect, not only embellishing the city night scene. It is also giving the LED display a new mission, making it a part of the beauty design, and glory on the stage. In addition, not only urban beautification, but also the hottest AR/VR and sensor technology can be combined with LED display to form a landscape display project. LED display screens are installed on many plank roads. The cracked image and the cracked sound of the glass add to the entertainment and make people feel very exciting and novel, and the birth of the ice screen will also add a lot to the LED display on the landscape display!
Changes in the international economic environment, screen enterprises face market risks

Although the major LED screen companies in the first half of the year have achieved good results, in 2018, due to changes in the domestic and international economic environment, the business operations of companies including Liard and Lehman Optoelectronics have also been affected. On the one hand, the United States is China's largest exporter of LED display screens, but the trade war between China and the United States intensified in the first half of this year. Some LED display products are listed in the tariff list of 200 billion yuan, which directly affects the domestic market share of LED display exports. Domestic LED screen companies have a certain impact. On the other hand, the domestic government's fiscal expenditure is tightening, the economic environment is getting worse, and the domestic business of LED screen enterprises will have operational risks.

In general, the application field of LED display is more diversified, and the market share is also very large, which brings unlimited development space for LED screen enterprises. However, as technology continues to advance and products continue to upgrade, the threshold for the entire industry of LED displays continues to increase, which will undoubtedly be a disaster for companies that do not have the ability to develop technology. Therefore, this is the best era, and it is also the worst era. Only the forward-looking LED screen enterprises that strengthen the comprehensive strength of the enterprise will laugh at the end!

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