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New Trends In The Development Of Artificial Intelligence Advertising Machines In 2018
Dec 12, 2018

To be successful, people must have emotional intelligence, IQ, and a vision of discovery. If you want to succeed, you must have strong emotional intelligence, and people with good emotional intelligence are easy to succeed because there are many people who support you. But if you want to be undefeated, you still have IQ and long-term development vision. Ma Yun said that if 2017 is the "first year" of artificial intelligence technology, then in 2018, the development of interactive technologies such as image and video voice will make the machine even more Know the current consumer. The development of technology has enabled more biometrics to replace passwords, and artificial intelligence technology allows people to understand the real world and themselves more accurately. The advancement and development of science and technology is always exciting, especially the artificial intelligence that leads the new generation of technological revolution.


In 2017, it was the beginning of the explosion of artificial intelligence technology in China. Ma Yun said at the World Economic Forum: Many future human beings will be replaced by artificial intelligence and automated machines in the future. Many people will face the problem of unemployed laid-off. Recently, Ma said: Humans do not need to worry about the development and evolution of artificial intelligence and robots. In modern times, the application of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prominent and plays an important role in all walks of life.


What we are most afraid of is replaced by artificial intelligence and machines, but this is not the case. Artificial intelligence must go to practical industrial applications. For example, in the scene media, the video information communication industry can use artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies to accurately and personally push according to the scene environment. At present, the Xinghong Vision Smart Advertising Machine, which is hot in the market, can be used in many scenes through the “brush face” technology. It can use the explicit information of identifying potential users to truly enter all aspects of life; in various scenarios of new retail, use Explicit clustering labels give consumers a better shopping experience.
Compared with traditional offline media, emerging smart media can provide clear delivery reports, not covering audience coverage in general terms, and providing more accurate delivery for advertisers. The biggest feature of the artificial intelligence smart advertising machine is that it is suitable for all consumption scenarios. It eliminates the advertising intermediary of the traditional advertising industry, and allows the purchaser to provide a transparent and controllable advertising platform for the advertisers without worrying about brand safety. , random charges, advertising fraud and other issues.

Vision Smart Advertising Machine provides the most advanced intelligent service for advertisers and purchasers. The artificial intelligence intelligent advertising machine will let people interact with the machine to completely get rid of any form of interactive interface and become closer to people. Interaction. In the future, artificial intelligence advertising opportunities are more intelligent.

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