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Multimedia LCD Advertising Machine Will Develop In The Direction Of Intelligence In The Future
Nov 13, 2018

 LCD Advertising Machine Market in the past two years of development of the situation is optimistic, on the one hand, its own various technological innovations, innovation of many new functions, on the other hand, the market demand increases.In today's digital age, intelligence, interaction has become the core keyword to dominate people's lives, in the future, multimedia LCD advertising machine industry will focus more on interactive functions, it will lead the advertising machine industry to a new level.In the future, it will move in six directions, the following Shenzhen Yida Heng will answer for everyone.

1, Data network wireless:

The same type of network connection as your smartphone will effectively simplify the editing of your advertiser's information, and you can update your information anywhere.A wireless network will give LCD advertising machines a faster, more secure network connection, just like smartphones and tablets.Mobile advertising machines, for example, can be used in conjunction with mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, both of which can be shared.

2, mobile intelligence interaction into the mainstream:

The future interactive function will become the mainstream of the development of LCD advertising machine industry.It can interact with consumers through visible and vibrant content, and companies can also use coupons and promotions.Combined with LCD advertising machine, can provide consumers with the content they need, simplify the process of consumer participation, so that they from passive reception to active reception.Just like mobile big computer TV advertising machine, a collection of large screen computers, HD TV, HD display, HD advertising machine and other products of all functions, and can be used with mobile phones, tablets and other consumer electronic devices, to achieve the function of human-computer interaction.

3, the content is more personal:

With the development of technology, understand the relevant information of the audience, so as to be able to better provide targeted content, and combined with the development of the mobile Internet, will make the content more personalized.Future LCD Advertising machine display content will be more targeted, and can be associated with many dynamic factors, such as weather, inventory, the latest information and so on.

4. Smaller pixel spacing:

In the future, LCD advertising machine display will be smaller pixel spacing, which means higher display resolution, better dynamic display effect.

5. Fast response:

LCD advertising machine is the best communication tool for dynamic content display, for enterprises, faster than competitors to provide consumers with what they want is a very significant advantage.It's like a parking lot worker who needs to be ready to provide faster service to consumers.

6, pay more attention to the location of the location:

LCD advertising machine is an ideal means of location-based advertising.Research shows that 72% of consumers respond to interactive messages if they can see the relevant retail locations.

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