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Meet, The Commercial Display Weapon Around You
Dec 21, 2018

Foreword: If you always pay attention to your life, you will find that you will often see some big screens in airports, subway stations, plazas and various brand stores. Their screen size is basically the same as that of home TV, and the clarity is almost the same. But these products are not called "television", but are called "commercial displays."

     After years of research and application of display technology, LG has become a leading brand in the commercial display field. In the retail-oriented commercial display products, as a new generation of display technology, LG OLED series products have successfully landed multiple benchmark projects, such as the first OLED surface splicing large screen project in China Digital Media Industrial Park, creating Guinness The world record Dubai Mall OLED splicing screen project... LG OLED commercial display products have been recognized by many industry users with its strong technical strength and display effect.


Daily Travel - Meet the double-sided charm of the LG 55EH5C

     For space-constrained installation sites, the LG 55EH5C OLED double-sided flat panel display with dual-layer structure and double-sided screen saves users more space and refreshes the media playback experience. Whether it's in airports, exhibition halls, or malls, such as brand stores, this OLED display provides users with more intuitive information.


It has a dual-screen mode, that is, two screens can be conveniently controlled by one remote controller, and one-button switching or mirroring mode is simple, and the information is switched quickly. Double-sided displays perform well in terms of space and time. It is conceivable that many industrial brand displays will be replaced by the LG 55EH5C double-sided display in the future.

     Consumer Shopping - Meet the Flexible Age LG 55EF5C

     In the brand retail stores pursuing design, the degree of integration between the display product and the installation environment is an important basis for many user decisions. At this time, the LG 55EF5C is the best choice. LG 55EF5C open OLED surface mosaic display, using the characteristics of OLED flexible screen, has two shapes of outward convexity and inward depression, which can satisfy customers' more creative designs.


In the Nike flagship experience store on Huaihai Road in Shanghai, through the eight LG 55EF5C curved OLED displays, the two halls in the original hall, which have a sense of space and lack of effective use, have been constructed with a larger design. The sense of display space, the perfect push of the brand's promotion map, text, video, cool visual effects, but also make the entire store space full of vitality, emitting Nike's infinite sports atmosphere.

     Holidays - Meet the more amazing OLED experience

     If you have been to the Guangzhou Tower, I believe you must be surprised by the OLED combination screen in the tower. Guangzhou Tower's new OLED vision is the world's largest OLED tunnel. It consists of 144 LG OLED panels, and when visitors are in it, OLED tunnels can create immersive scenes such as starry sky and aquariums.


In addition, the OLED Wave Roof, which is made up of 75 different OLED panels in the tower, is equally eye-catching. The OLED screen starts from the ground and passes through different arcs and bends to extend to the roof. When playing video images, it creates a very intuitive and realistic stereoscopic sense.

     In order to meet the needs of more sophisticated markets, LG is striving to develop differentiated technologies and new OLED products while adhering to the highest quality. As the world's leading commercial display brand, LG will continue to actively explore the needs of various industries, provide a more matching display solution for the industry upgrade and development, let you meet LG commercial display in more space!

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