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Maples And Calder V8 Debut LDI Show 2018
Nov 02, 2018

Hosted by Informa Media, Ldi Show 2018 (October 19-21st) was held in the western United States city of Las Vegas, one of the world's leading lighting and audio technology exhibitions, after 30 years of growth, has grown into North America's largest live entertainment technology as the main trade exhibition, 

Numerous professional audiences and exhibitors from all over the world attend the event.

As the industry's leading video equipment provider, Mai-V8 carries a variety of video processing equipment represented by the company to participate in the exhibition, display video control in the field of multi-screen seamless splicing, switching and other solutions.

V8 as the company's hottest products in the country by many leasing customers, has been widely used in the domestic various large-scale electric competition, performing arts activities, industry summits and Auto show;In this LDI exhibition, V8 with the latest broadcast control software (Creator R5) together to showcase the latest video technology solutions;V8 has 36-way mixed matrix input, 20 output, support 4kx2k/60hz4:4:4 input and 8kx1k/60hz input, support 16 layers and multi-machine cascade splicing, support hdcp1.4&2.2 good EDID management and so on;Combined with creator R5 broadcast control software, can achieve a variety of special-shaped image playback and video rotation splicing, so that the video screen more brilliant, to meet the current market for a variety of active video playback needs;The recognition of many international high-end customers.

At the exhibition also exhibited led-780h video processor, mig-cl9600 video splicing, Mig-f4 4K splicing box and other representative products, but also by the attention of many international buyers;Many customers in the step, and personally operate the products,  Consulting to understand product performance, with strong and stable product performance and convenient visualization operations, also received praise.

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