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LED Transparent Screen: The Future Is Transparent
Dec 20, 2018

With the expansion of the market demand for the LED display industry and the continuous expansion of the application field, LED display products are also showing a diversified development trend. As a rising star in the LED display industry, LED transparent screens are moving towards our horizons with eye-catching attitude. Especially since this year, the number of companies that have joined LED transparent screens has gradually increased, from product structure optimization to product application field expansion. For a time, the development of LED transparent screen is unstoppable.
According to the survey agency, by 2025, the transparent display market value is about 87.2 billion US dollars. Along with the extensive demand of the commercial display market and the continuous development and innovation of LED transparent screens, the future of LED transparent screens will be promising.
From the outdoor to the commercial display, the LED transparent screen is exposed
The LED transparent screen, which is famous for its fashion, technology and integration, is more suitable for high-end shops, auto 4S shops, concerts and other applications and needs. From China's access to the Internet 22-year theme party, Hangzhou G20 Summit, the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival to Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening, and then to the Zhejiang Satellite TV Mid-year Ceremony, which has invited most of the entertainment circles, LED transparent The figure of the screen.


                                              Zhejiang Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival

In the era of fierce competition in which display technologies are now available, LED transparent display technology has been further improved. The LED transparent screen has high visibility and can display vivid and bright image effects, which makes the product image more eye-catching, and the super color creates an excellent visual experience for the user. As transparent display technology is recognized by more people, various types of LED transparent screens are widely used in aerospace, commercial buildings, shopping centers, commercial refrigerators, and glass windows and merchandise display cabinets of luxury goods and jewelry chains. LED transparent screen products display commercial advertising information to users through glass, showcase and other carriers, display recommended products, and have a sense of science and technology.


                                    LED transparent screen for retail shop window
In this year's large and small industry exhibitions, in addition to the small spacing is a variety of LED display products for glass curtain wall and window, such as transparent screen, light bar screen, creative transparent screen. In addition, many screen companies have also creatively developed products such as transparent window screens and transparent screen advertising machines. This shows that transparent LEDs are not only popular in the field of outdoor advertising, but also in the field of commercial display.
The LED transparent screen currently used in retail shop windows is not only light, thin, and easy to install, but also achieves a minimum pixel pitch of 5 mm and a transparency of more than 80%. It not only overcomes the trouble that ordinary paper posters need to be posted and replaced, but also avoids the weakness of ordinary LED screens and LCD screens that are heavy, impenetrable and unsightly.
From technology to market, LED transparent screen is still difficult
From a technical point of view, although LED transparent screens have already achieved the successful creation and application of LED glass screens at the beginning of this year, there are certain contradictions between point spacing and permeability. The smaller the dot spacing of the led display, the higher the definition and the better the display effect. The reason why the LED transparent screen is popular in the market is that because of its good permeability, many LED transparent manufacturing companies continue to optimize the products. To improve the transparency of LED transparent screens, companies must make a choice or combine them to improve the choice of clarity and permeability.
Due to the characteristics of its creative display, the main reason for restricting the development of transparent screen is its customized characteristics. Due to the long product cycle and large-scale production, the number of transparent screens on the market is relatively small, and the market demand is very large. In the case of many different market demands, the trend of private ordering of LED display screens is becoming more and more obvious. The customized LED transparent screen technology requires higher requirements and needs more stable products, so that it can be better applied to each. The item is displayed. However, at present, there are only a handful of large-scale enterprises in the LED transparent screen market, and there are few companies that can realize customization. Faced with a large number of product demands in the market, how can LED transparent screen companies develop more stable and stable LED transparent screens? It is a major difficulty to promote technology and mass production to promote the maturity of products.
In addition, since the application of LED transparent screen has not been popularized, the high price is prohibitive, resulting in many application fields not yet widely developed, and production cost, after-sales service and marketing are all urgent problems to be solved. Coupled with the construction of a smart city, the technical content of the city will be higher in the future, and the LED transparent screen can be marketable.
Customized, achieving LED transparent screen enterprise competitiveness
Although customization is a difficult point in the popularization of LED transparent screens, it also promotes the differentiated competitiveness of LED display screens. Different from the traditional large-scale production of led display, professional customized production products and services have more customization links, and have diversified and personalized features, enabling customers to customize LED transparent screen products according to their needs. In this way, not only can the company achieve differentiated competitiveness, but also enable the company to maintain a relatively high profit margin. In addition, large-scale customized production, the technical quality of LED transparent screen products also need to be strictly checked.
As a new and unconventional product in the 21st century, LED transparent screen is a dark horse that has been killed by the LED display segment. With the continuous maturity of market environment, technology, products and other reasons, it will help the development of the transparent screen market. At the same time, with the combination of emerging hot technologies such as AR/VR and naked eye 3D, it is believed that more comprehensive transparent display products will come. The more you love.


          Zhang Huimei "Utopia 2.0 Celebration" concert LED transparent screen

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