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LED Screen Enterprises Grow Up Against The Wind In 2019 Or Get A Chance To Develop
Jan 09, 2019


[China Security Exhibition Network enterprises pay attention] The market in 2018 is down, affected by the overall economic environment, the LED display industry market situation is also more severe, while the internal competition is increasingly fierce, many companies are worried about whether LED display The screen market has been weak, and the industry has to enter another "war of survival"... In fact, we should look at this issue in a dialectical way. The market is changing with each passing day, and the industry is no longer the industry before.

 In 2018, the LED display industry has passed the big vent

Currently, the LED display industry faces many problems. First of all, the national and government dividends are reduced or even disappeared. For the LED industry, there may be a 25% or 10% tariff difference in the future, which will change the manufacturer's procurement plan and move the factory decision. The industry waits and sees the atmosphere and the market. Uncertainty may inhibit the performance of the demand side.

Secondly, as we all know, the LED display industry starts from the end, and the growth mode is relatively “barbaric”. The LED display industry is developing very fast, but at the same time as the industrial market grows, the brand share is low, the structural overcapacity, the industry products The difficulty of after-sales has also become a prominent problem that limits its development.

Finally, the market is increasingly saturated. With the rapid development of China's LED display technology, domestic LED companies have risen. However, under the influence of the economic environment in 2018, the LED display industry cinema market, building lighting and other outlets have all shown signs of “dead”. The market segments such as renting leases and transparent screens are somewhat tepid. This year, under the leadership of small-pitch LEDs, the Shangxian market, which has performed well, has already been divided by several fixed strong screen enterprises, even in 2018. COB, Mini LED, etc. have injected a little new vitality into the industry, but for now, their markets are not yet up.

Promising prospects for special applications in 2019 are expected to drive demand

In 2018, the LED display industry is under pressure from oversupply. In 2019, it is still unable to get rid of the oversupply pressure. However, although the overall industry still has the risk of oversupply, the special application prospects such as small-pitch LED display and Mini LED are relatively promising. It is expected to drive demand to increase.

Liu Huilian, senior analyst at IHS Markit Commercial Display, believes that 2019 will usher in a full-scale outbreak of small-pitch display products. The industry's continuous integration of upstream and downstream resources, technology iterations, and the constant attention and input of traditional display industry manufacturers have increased the vitality and potential of the LED small-pitch market. Compared to other applications, dot pitch miniaturization continues to bring more new application scenarios. Liu Huilian believes that shipments of small-pitch LED display products will double in the next two years. In addition, the price of LED chips is lower, making LED display products more cost-effective than other alternative technologies for commercial use. Many LCD panel manufacturers and commercial display brand manufacturers are eager to develop small-pitch LED displays.

Mini LED is used on LCD monitors with direct-lit area backlight technology, which can add contrast and brightness of LCD monitors. With multi-zone backlight independent control, it will help improve contrast and give players a better visual experience. . If the cost of the Mini LED and the huge transfer process will be able to achieve breakthrough development, Mini LED backlight technology is expected to be widely applied to various displays. TrendForce estimates that the Mini LED display application is expected to be commercialized in 2019, in the field of backlighting. Manufacturers who have been deeply ploughed for a long time, or have a panel resource background, will be the first to reflect the Mini LED backlight business opportunities.

In addition, in 2018, Micro-LED technology began to mature. PlayNitride, Jingdian, Samsung, LG, Sony and other enterprises have overcome the huge transfer technology that restricts the development of Micro-LED. In the backplane, Si CMOS technology is relatively mature. It is expected that the prototype of the complete Micro-LED display industry chain will appear in 2019. Micro-LED will not be used as a backlight but will be directly made into a display screen. The micro-LED industry chain will no longer need LED devices. The related companies in the package will increase the company with huge transfer or full color conversion technology. The original LED chip factory will be able to directly interface with the display manufacturers. This also means that the 2019 Micro-LED display market is about to usher in a period of intense competition.

Summary: In 2018, LED shows that the first- and second-tier cities in the industry are becoming saturated, and with the reduction of government dividends, the industry continues to be in a “consolidation” stage. However, with the continuous breakthrough of LED display technology in 2019, shipments of small-pitch LED displays will increase on a large scale, and Mini LEDs will also be commercialized. Micro-LEDs are expected to be directly made into displays, and at the same time, new applications. The field of scenes has been continuously developed, showing that manufacturers in related fields are eager to try from chips and packages to systems and brands. What will be the eye-catching performance of LED display companies in 2019? And keep an eye on it.


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