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LED Display Market Development Status And Data Analysis
Nov 29, 2018


 Since 2000, China's LED display application industry has developed steadily, and its overall scale has been increasing year by year. It has become an important part of the LED industry chain. The LED display application products represented by LED display screens have been widely used in various fields of social economy. The LED display application industry has become an emerging industry with advantages and features, and thriving development. The market scale increased by 10% in 2014. The market size of the national LED display application industry reached 30 billion yuan, an increase of about 10% from the 27 billion yuan in 2013. There are more than 500 major enterprises engaged in R&D, production and engineering application of LED display application products, and the number of employees in the whole industry is more than 50,000.
The LED display application industry is concentrated in East China and South China, and the development of North China has been more obvious in the past two years. According to industry association statistics, in 2014, LED display application manufacturers in East China accounted for 33% of the country's product sales, South China accounted for 41%, North China accounted for 17%, Southwest, Northwest, and Central China accounted for 8%. The northeast region only accounts for less than 1%, and the regional concentration of the industry is more obvious. Among the total market of LED display application industry, sales of display products accounted for about 80% of total sales, and sales of LED lighting and other LED display applications accounted for about 20% of total sales. In the sales of all led display products, outdoor display sales accounted for about 60%, and indoor display sales accounted for about 40%. China's LED display products accounted for 15% to 20% of total sales. In 2014, the national LED display exports amounted to 5.5 billion yuan.
LED display applications are widely used, and the application markets such as advertising media, conference and exhibition, and information release have been increasing year by year. China has become a major manufacturing and application country for LED display applications, and is moving towards a technological power. At the same time, China's LED display application companies have created a number of outstanding enterprises. There are about 50 large-scale enterprises with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan in the LED display application industry in the country. Among them, there are about 20 companies with annual sales of 200 million to 500 million yuan, and enterprises with annual sales of 500 million to 1 billion yuan. About 10 companies have 3 companies with annual sales of 1 billion yuan. The sales of large-scale enterprises account for 50% to 60% of the total industry. Shenzhen City in South China has concentrated on the main scale enterprises and export enterprises of China's LED display screens, and is also the main concentrated area of listed companies.
Developing new products to lead the market LED display application industry has long attached importance to independent innovation and development, and constantly develop new products to lead the market. After years of development, the key technologies of various indoor and outdoor LED display screens are basically mature, and the whole machine has been continuously improved and improved in terms of reliability and process level, forming a standardized series of products. The development of LED upstream industry has played an obvious role in promoting the development of display application industry, and the comprehensive technical engineering capability of major engineering applications and special needs has been enhanced. Full-color indoor and outdoor display screens are widely used, indoor and outdoor high-definition full-color surface mount technology products are becoming more and more mature, indoor high-density, small-pitch led display challenges DLP rear projection, LCD and so on. From P2.5 to P1.8 to P1.6, P1.0, P0.8, P0.7, etc., various indoor high-density small-pitch products have also entered the market, and are widely used in broadcasting and television, road traffic command, Public security monitoring, power system, military, water conservancy, urban management industries. High-density products with outdoor display products using labels are also rapidly developing.
Recent technological innovations in the industry are mainly focused on the application of special-shaped display, high-density, high-definition display, color reproduction, point-by-point correction, drive circuit, system control, etc. New technologies and materials are widely used in the industry, and new products are introduced. . LED display energy-saving design will be generally valued. LED-specific IC development, point-by-point correction, large-area display control, system automatic detection, loop backup, remote control and other technologies are constantly improving. The high-density, high-resolution surface-mounting full-color display manufacturing technology is a hot topic in the industry. China's LED display application products China's production of LED chips, drive circuits and other core components and materials have been widely used. At present, the market demand for led display is relatively stable. It is expected to enter the “13th Five-Year Plan”. The LED display application industry will generally enter a relatively stable period of market and development, traditional market application areas and urban landscapes. New application areas such as advertising and new media will continue to occupy a large market, and the new market driven by new products has great potential.
In the next few years, the regional concentration of industry and the trend of gathering enterprises with larger scales will become more obvious. The integration of industry resources, mergers and acquisitions, and bigger and stronger will bring about major adjustments in the pattern of LED display application industry in the next few years. In the next few years, passive or active M&A integration in the industry will be the trend of the times, and the competitive advantage will be further tilted towards enterprises with technological advantages, channel advantages and scale advantages. LED display application industry has three factors in recent years, the impact is more prominent: First, the macroeconomic environment changes. The impact of the adjustment of national macroeconomic development on the scale of market application demand. In the market of LED display application products, urban landscape, advertising and other aspects occupy a high proportion, and the supporting needs of various major engineering projects also have a certain scale. The adjustment of the speed of macroeconomic development will have a certain impact on these markets, and the industry's major climate environment and development pattern and speed will need to be adjusted.
The second is the change in the technological development environment. In recent years, technologies such as LED chip materials, packaging, driving, and control have been continuously developed. Various new technological achievements have brought innovation-driven foundations to the development of the industry. At the same time, they have also impacted the production and market layout of many enterprises that have already formed. At present, the technology of small-pitch pitch and high-density products is further developed, and it is also challenged by integrated circuit technology, drive control, power supply technology, and reliability. At the same time, other types of display applications such as OLEDs, technology is developing rapidly, and some new products and new technologies will also have an impact on LED display applications and markets.
The third is the change in the market environment. A number of enterprises with strong capital strength represented by listed companies have been formed in the industry. At the same time, some enterprises outside the industry have extended to LED display application fields, resulting in more intense market competition for LED display application products. In recent years, LED lighting applications have attracted capital and new enterprises into the LED industry. Before the main market of LED lighting was fully formed, its capacity digestion and business transformation formed a crowding of LED display application products, and “low price” as a means of competition. Barbaric growth companies have also appeared frequently. The backbone enterprises in the industry are under pressure to increase their scale and profits. The market space for SMEs and the environment for survival and development are not optimistic. To cope with the challenge, China's LED display application industry needs to work hard in many aspects, the key is to focus on two key points:
First, attach importance to independent innovation and increase innovation investment and technological innovation. The reform of the 13th Five-Year National Science and Technology System and the adjustment and reform of the innovation layout have brought many favorable opportunities for enterprise innovation. LED display application industry also has many major technical bottlenecks in the development that need to be broken and upgraded. Independent innovation should be a strategic issue that key enterprises pay close attention to in the future development.
Second, attach importance to the construction of independent brands. Neglecting the brand and using low prices as the main means of competition are years of ills in the industry. With the rise of industry-scale enterprises and the maturity of domestic and foreign markets, brand building will be an important development strategy for the industry. In the future, professional competence and brand recognition will become the main factors in the market competition. Building a self-owned LED display application product that has an important influence in the international arena should become the consensus of China's LED display application industry.

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