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LCD Advertising Machine In The Commercial Display Industry Three Major Development Trends
Dec 10, 2018

LCD advertising machines are attracting higher participation in the advertising, transportation, entertainment, education, healthcare and other industries in the Shangxian industry. The industry is experiencing rapid growth thanks to advances in display technology and hardware costs. Asia is expected to achieve the highest growth rate between 2017 and 2022, in part due to increased income, Internet penetration and accelerated urbanization. With the continuous growth of the global market for LCD advertising machines, some trends in the industry are also worthy of attention. The following are the four trends summarized by Pingda:
1. Interactive multi-touch
In simple definition, interactive multi-touch allows multiple users to interact with the video wall at the same time without affecting each other. Interactive multi-touch in the Shangxian industry can simultaneously provide multiple users with an immersive physical environment with LCD advertising media - interacting with content individually or collectively.
2. Durable figures in the commercial industry
Recently, durable digital numbers have been used as an outdoor airport, bus and train terminal in the Shangxian industry in the Shangxian industry. Cases include information displays and advertising screens, but in general, these are designed to be more robust in the Shangxian industry. A recent design trend is that these rugged digital models can also be used in the commercial display industry to enable them to be used in bright environments.


3. Creative installation
The display is everywhere is the industry trend of seeking creative ways to install LCD advertising machines in the Shangxian industry. The possible drivers of this trend, in addition to the creative thinking of the installation location in the commercial display industry, include technological advances that make the mobility and convenience of the commercial display industry increase, making it ideal for hanging and placing in unique areas. Manufacturers in the Shangxian industry have also introduced curved surfaces in the commercial display industry that can form a wraparound array, or a vertical or horizontal strip shape.

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