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It Is Said That Led Transparent Screen Prospects Are Considerable, But Why Always Lukewarm
Nov 12, 2018

Recently, it is rumored that Google ar glasses application miniature led transparent screen, will be strong return.It also allows the industry to focus again on the LED transparent screen.It is also predicted that the market output value shown transparently by 2025 is about $87.2 billion.As an important part of the field of transparent display, the market prospect of LED transparent screen is very considerable, which has aroused people's concern.Although the foreground is broad, but why is the LED transparent screen always less hot than small spacing?

Enterprise Scramble Layout led transparent screen

October 27, 2017, Zhou Ming Technology announced a wholly-owned acquisition of Rose Technology, rose technology in the outdoor display, LED light strip screen, led grille screen display field has a certain brand awareness;As early as September 12, Abison to RMB 15 million yuan to invest in 20% of the equity, and Jing Hongyi technology in the field of transparent display has a certain achievements, its layout transparent screen intention is very obvious;There are more rumors in the industry that another listed company in the industry is also actively planning to acquire a transparent screen enterprise in the industry that also has a competitive advantage in the transparent screen market.

Still, in fact, the LED transparent screen is lukewarm compared to the fiery market in the small spacing screen.In the industry, specializing in transparent screen manufacturing enterprises, or involved in the transparent screen market display enterprises, in total, add up to the 二、三十家.

2017, led transparent screen began to show the edge.The 2017 is an important year for China to fully promote the construction of smart cities, "innovation, coordination, green, open, shared" development philosophy is deepening, big data, Internet +, IoT and other concepts will give new connotations to the future of smart cities, at the same time, the new city image construction came into being, More and more led transparent display products appear in all corners of the new city, commercial complex, shopping malls, 4S stores, windows and other places with glass, are led transparent screen existence of the market.

and the building lighting project, the required glass screen may be replaced by led transparent display.And in the new smart city face update process, will be more widely used, to glass curtain wall as an example, now many buildings out of light, save building materials, environmental protection considerations, the application of glass wall has a unique, led transparent display with its lightweight, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good penetration performance and so on, With the glass curtain wall can be described as hit it off, applied to the glass curtain wall not only in line with the building itself on the use of glass wall requirements, but also because of its fashion, beautiful, generous, rich modern and scientific and technological atmosphere, to the city building added a special sense of beauty, and because of good light transmittance performance, LED transparent screen wall does not affect the lighting of the building when it is not working, it can be seen that its architectural practicality, display practicality, ornamental are greatly in line with the current image of the city of many development requirements.

With the construction of smart city, some traditional advertising styles in some areas with functional applications gradually appear anachronistic, fashionable and technologically advanced transparent LED display in the image of the new city rapidly rising, has become the focus of many advertisers.In the advertising application of smart city, led transparent screen shows a great trend of market application.

From national conditions to policies to business dynamics, these signs seem to indicate that the transparent screen market is on the eve of a major outbreak, and that the transparent screen market is expected to usher in a period of rapid growth over the next 3-5 years.

Technology and cost constraints, led transparent screen is still not "single beam"

Although led transparent screen into the market on the eve of the outbreak, but in the current market, the curtain behind the LED transparent screen is still more used with the traditional stage screen, there are few real "unique beam" time.Just as the traditional display is difficult to get rid of the limitations of the shape, led transparent screen also has a short board-display screen is not as clear and delicate as the traditional large screen, full of color.Such defects make the transparent screen still difficult to completely replace the traditional display, to create an immersive dance scene.

Technically, although the current led transparent screen has achieved the successful creation and application of LED glass screen, but in terms of point spacing and permeability of the two there is a certain contradiction.Led transparent screen not only at the expense of density, to obtain a higher permeability, then its sharpness is bound to be damaged, the screen display effect can not be comparable with the traditional large screen, and in the creation of the scene is particularly difficult.In turn, the translucent properties also make the transparent screen susceptible to light, and the transparent effect of the transparent screen decreases when the light is too bright.

How to choose in clarity and permeability is something that enterprises must recognize, different customer needs are different, and trade-offs are not the same.As a result, the trend of private customization of LED transparent screen is more and more, customized LED can be better used in the display of various projects.But at present, the LED transparent screen market is only a handful of large enterprises, can achieve customization of the enterprise is few and far, in the face of a large number of market demand for products, led transparent screen enterprises how to develop a more characteristic stable led transparent screen, how to achieve the popularization of technology and batch production, to promote the gradual maturation of products is a major difficulty.

In addition, because the application of LED transparent screen has not been popularized, high prices are prohibitive, resulting in many applications have not been widely developed, production costs, after-sales service and marketing are urgently needed to solve the problem.

On the other hand, due to the current industry engaged in transparent screen production of display enterprises are not many, with transparent screen patented technology less enterprises, once the future transparent screen market release, for those industry pioneers, the first in the field of transparent screen ploughing, with transparent screen patented technology enterprises, no doubt has a first-mover advantage, more competitive.

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