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Infinite Creativity - LED Display Helps Two National Exhibitions
Nov 26, 2018

Along with the rapid development of China's cultural industry, the LED display industry is gradually changing. The commercial value of LED screens has gradually turned to the field of culture and art, and the application of creative LED display screens has become more and more extensive. However, in the field of creative art led display, the creative design is very strange, to meet the designer's "everything" demand, its research and development costs, technical difficulty or time period must be complex, more unpredictable risks, not all led display companies Have the ability to produce. After years of development, Dayuan Intelligent has invested a large amount of funds in an independent R&D team, as well as a multimedia production engineer, system integration engineer, and design engineer team. It has created a series of classic LED display classic cases and quickly developed into a creative LED display. Leading company! Recently, Dayuan intelligent creative led display has successfully landed in two national-level exhibitions with the image of the industry leader.


On the morning of November 5th, the world-famous 2018 China International Import Expo was officially opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. This year's Expo will involve 172 countries, regions and international organizations from five continents, showing the world's development achievements and national image, and more than 3,600 exhibitors. Da Yuan Intelligent P1.3 indoor HD creative screen welcomes guests from all over the world.


Dayuan Smart provided P1.3 indoor HD creative screen for this Expo, which was seamlessly stitched on all sides. The display effect is high-definition and vivid, and the color is saturated, which plays a very good publicity role in the scene.
The 12th China Aerospace Exhibition
China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as China Air Show) is the only comprehensive international aerospace exhibition approved by the Central People's Government and held in Zhuhai for two years. It is a "national act", with physical display, trade negotiation and academic exchange. And the air show is the main feature. The 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition was held at the Zhuhai International Airshow Center from November 6th to 11th, 2018. President Xi Jinping sent a letter to the organizers to express their warm congratulations to the representatives of the countries attending the air show, entrepreneurs and other people from all walks of life. The number of organizers of this year's air show has expanded from 7 in the previous year to 13 in this year. It has been confirmed to participate in 43 countries and regions, and 770 exhibitors at home and abroad.


Aircraft system dream cube
Walking at the 12th China Air Show, you will find that the booths are popular. Among them, the "Aircraft System Dream Cube" built by Shenzhen Dayuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in the China Aviation Industry Exhibition Hall has caused the audience to stop, and the popularity is so high that the team who is waiting for a long time is willing to wait! This is the story of China's self-developed aircraft system with the help of artificial intelligence to increase the salary. The refreshing gas field "big show" gives the audience the ultimate panoramic experience.
"Aircraft System Dream Cube" is based on artificial intelligence, supercomputing and big data mining technology. It extracts useful information from the traditional existing data resource database for analysis and processing, and integrates into the simulation deduction of the actual "prototype" aircraft system. The artificial intelligence and the aircraft system are deeply integrated to develop an 8mx6mx5mLED matrix pentahedron 720-degree multi-dimensional, panoramic immersive aircraft system experience space.


China Airlines Development Creative LED Screen
China Aero Engine Corporation (English: Aero Engine Corporation of China, English abbreviation: AECC) is a state-owned large-scale enterprise directly managed by the central government. It is run by the State Council, Beijing Municipal People's Government, China Aviation Industry Corporation, and China Commercial. Aircraft limited liability company jointly funded the formation. China Aviation Development has more than 20 directly affiliated enterprises and institutions, and has three main board listed companies. It has nearly 100,000 employees and has a large number of high-quality and innovative people including 6 academicians and more than 200 national experts and scholars. Technology talents. It has established an internationally advanced and leading Asian defense science and technology key laboratory, with strong research and production capabilities, as well as a relatively complete R&D and manufacturing system and test and detection capabilities for military and civil aviation engines, gas turbines and their derivatives.
The LED creative screen and the special-shaped LED background wall in the middle of China Aviation Development Center are all built by Shenzhen Dayuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which not only displays the first-class effect, but also has a unique design. It is perfectly integrated with the corporate booth and the technology is bursting.


to sum up
Over the years, Dayuan Intelligent has demonstrated its high-definition quality on the front of many important occasions with its reliable product quality and excellent service. Such as the 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, the 13th National Winter Games, and so on. The perfect delivery of the two national projects of the 2018 China International Import Expo and the 12th China Aerospace Expo also represents the recognition and trust of our customers.
With the development of the industry and the advancement of technology, the creative LED display products are no longer limited to the shape changes, from technology to content, and even the design of the entire project is ever-changing. Regarding the creative display, Da Yuan never stopped exploring, and Da Yuan regarded each case as a living art, aiming to present the best visual experience for the audience. In the future, Dayuan will continue to work hard on the optimization of LED display products, technologies and solutions, and develop towards a more high-end and personalized direction, giving full play to the advantages of the industry's “leading enterprises” and leading the development of creative led display industry for various fields. Provide more and more creative LED display art.

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