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Industry Continues To Upgrade LED Display Ushers In Intelligent Spring
Nov 28, 2018


LED display can be said to be a very common display product in our life, from outdoor advertising screens to conference video display terminals, LED displays have penetrated into every aspect of our lives. Looking back at the development of the LED display industry, we can easily find that the LED display industry has poured in a lot of fresh blood, such as the rapid development of small-pitch LEDs, and the "ice screen" in the "8-minute Beijing" of the Winter Olympics. Inject new life into the industry.


    Industry continues to upgrade LED display ushered in intelligent spring

In the past year, LED display has made great efforts on the road of technological innovation, and it has also brought more "high" display products to everyone. For example, at the CES show earlier this year, Samsung’s “TheWall” video wall was based on MicroLED technology; and the 3D LED movie screen that debuted at the ISE show earlier this month marked the development of LED display technology. The road is constantly moving forward.


 3DLED movie screen debuted at ISE

In 2018, in addition to the need to continuously explore on the road of technological innovation, the LED display industry is facing more challenges, and then it is intelligent. With the continuous development of the whole industry chain of technology, product intelligence has become the most important "problem" in many industries. LED display is no exception. In the future, if we want to achieve industrial upgrading, intelligentization will become the development of LED display. The only way to go.
In fact, the intelligent process of LED display is not formed recently, but the actual use of most LED displays in the market has not yet achieved real intelligence. Many LED displays are still relatively junior. The application level, such as the LED advertising screen often seen outdoors, although it has an absolute advantage in the waterproof, high-definition, large-screen display level, but has not yet touched the intelligent level.


LED outdoor advertising screen is still at the primary application level

However, since intelligence will eventually become an important gateway on the development road, it is impossible to predict the development trend of the LED display industry in terms of intelligence. Of course, it is not unreasonable to guess these "spots". It is a combination of LED display application scenarios and the dawn seen in major industry exhibitions.
When it comes to product intelligence, the most common one is "human-computer interaction". The intelligent application of products is mostly to liberate human beings. Therefore, as the name suggests, "human-computer interaction" has become an inevitable trend of intelligent development of LED displays. In the future, the intelligent LED display will get rid of the setting of “cold display terminal”, but an intelligent display carrier that integrates high-tech technologies such as speech recognition, 3D and VR.


"Intelligent display carrier with temperature" has become a development target

In order to enhance and optimize the user experience, the LED display needs to strengthen the usage scenario based on the realization of “human-computer interaction”. At this time, the big data analysis and data management platform comes in handy. These data analysis technologies integrate user preferences and intelligent functions such as intelligent control and precise push, allowing users to put their emotions into the LED display.
While realizing product intelligence, LED display products will also return to the application market. After all, any product that is out of the application level can only be called a display product. While the LED display industry is welcoming a new year, the application field will be more subdivided and diverse, and different types of LED displays will also shine in different application areas.


Transparent screen in the Beijing Olympics "8 minutes"

For example, LED floor tiles, which are very eye-catching in the interactive field, have attracted many people's attention in the LED display market segment. These LED floor tiles not only become the "darling" of the large stage, but also can be seen in some high-end auto shows. To the gorgeous LED floor tiles screen; in the closing ceremony of the just-concluded Winter Olympics, 24 "ice screens" in the "Beijing 8 minutes" promotional video, together with 24 intelligent robots on the sports field for people to show Out of pride.


LED floor tiles display a gorgeous display

It can be seen that the concept of intelligence has spread all over the corners of our lives. From drones to unmanned supermarkets to unmanned vehicles, intelligence will become more and more popular, and in the field of LED displays, products Intelligent development will also become the trend of the times. In the future, the application fields of LED display products will be more diversified. For example, in the smart monitoring, transportation, advertising and other markets, LED display products will be indispensable.

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