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How To Improve The Service Life Of The LED Rental Screen
Jun 27, 2018

With the continuous development of the global economy and the acceleration of the progress of economic integration, the major entertainment exhibitions, such as stage performance and auto show, are booming. The LED rental screen is widely used in concerts, auto shows, wedding exhibitions and conference rooms, and the LED display rental is always a hot topic of concern.

As we all know, the LED display is an expensive electronic product. Buying a batch of LED displays is hundreds of thousands, millions, and even tens of millions, and some of the LED displays may have a floral screen and a dead light after a period of time, which will make a great shadow of the life of the LED display screen. How can we improve the service life of the LED rental screen when we call for additional maintenance costs?

There are many factors that affect the life of the LED rental screen, such as the performance of LED lamp beads, the performance of accessory parts, the production process and the application environment.

The performance of LED bulbs is a major factor associated with the life of LED display. The main indicators for testing the performance of a LED bead are attenuation characteristics, UV resistance, water vapor permeability and so on. The performance of LED bulbs needs to be controlled by LED display manufacturers. LED display manufacturers should control the quality of LED beads from the source and select high-quality LED lamps.

In addition to the influence factors of LED beads, the LED rental screen also uses a number of other supporting components, such as circuit board, power signal interface, power supply, box, mask and so on, of which any part of the quality problems may reduce the service life of the LED rental screen. Therefore, LED display manufacturers should carefully choose these devices.

The production process of LED display products will also affect the fatigue resistance of the display screen, thus affecting its service life. The production technology of LED display mainly involves the following aspects: component storage and pretreatment technology, waterproof seal technology, over furnace welding process, three defense treatment technology, etc. The effectiveness of the process is related to material selection and ratio, parameter control and operator quality. The accumulation of experience is very important, so a LED display manufacturer who has years of experience in production tends to be more effective in controlling the production process.

The application environment of LED rental screen mainly includes two kinds of indoor and outdoor, and different environments have different effects on the life of LED display screen. The indoor temperature difference is small, LED display will not be affected by rain and snow and ultraviolet, its service life is relatively more field; and the temperature difference of outdoor environment is up to 70 degrees, and it is often easily affected by factors such as wind and sun, and the bad external environment will accelerate the aging of the display screen and shorten the service life of the display screen.

To improve the service life of the LED rental screen, LED display manufacturers should start from the source, purchase high quality LED display components and raw materials, improve their own production technology, strengthen independent innovation and research and development, provide customers with better LED display products, thus bring better economic benefits and achieve mutual benefit. A win-win situation.

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