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Hotel Industry For What Are Pro-LCD Advertising Machine?
Nov 16, 2018

According to the public spot check to learn that fashion, high-end atmosphere, the upper grade of the hotel is more popular, for this hotel pattern design is extremely important, and from the design in order to highlight the hotel's humanized service and customer-oriented service environment, LCD advertising machine has been as an important element in hotel design and favored.


Now under the impetus of technology LCD advertising machine tends to diversify the development, style includes wall-mounted, touch-type, LCD double display series, vertical all-in-one machine, vertical screen, elevator, building, stand-alone version and network version and other styles, and as a multimedia information release system frequently haunt the hotel applications, The main thing is according to the hotel this increasingly diverse and personalized service scene needs LCD advertising machine can be different models according to the different location characteristics of the hotel targeted design layout plan, in order to meet customer demand for the scene.
For example, in the hotel lobby to place Intelligent Interactive Advertising machine: One can be for the incoming customers to play publicity media, attract customers the first goodwill;
They provide information query channels, customers can effectively and efficiently obtain query messages through touch interaction, or connect with mobile devices, complete bookings or payments and other follow-up procedures.
In the hotel public entertainment venues or corridors, passageways and other places can use wall-mounted network advertising machine based on network technology to provide intelligent and convenient management, for customers anytime, anywhere to update the playback of remote customization information, can be real-time news, weather forecast, property notice, game items, etc., for the hotel environment to enhance fashion entertainment.


In the room can be used as a TV upgrade entertainment equipment, the use of mobile phone controllable, feel touchable function can achieve a variety of TV leisure and entertainment programs.Can be said from the overall focus on its beautiful, stylish appearance and excellent performance to highlight the advertising machine full of scientific and technological sense, improve the hotel service grade!
Therefore, we can see that the advertising machine for the hotel service business is not only to enhance the image of the benchmark, but also to improve the quality of hotel services sharp tool.In essence: advertising function to a variety of characteristics to meet the hotel in any pattern of display, the quality of service requirements, so as to fully enhance the hotel environment image and service grade, brought a good reputation and efficiency!
There are good advertising machines at the same time also have to have a good plan to do, and Prudential as a leader in digital signage, rich in all advertising machine products, its professional Technical foundation, quality service Solutions is the enterprise for users to achieve the maximum application value has always followed the guidelines.For the hotel this diversified public service place, can be customized to provide users with the best quality advertising machine display solutions.In short, as long as you want to achieve what kind of application effect, Prudential will strive to design solutions for you, to help you achieve the benefits you seek!

u=386542568,2730444119&fm=173&s=5200FD0B0C228E8A408139310300B060&w=640&h=424&img                                      In addition, LCD advertising machine installation and disassembly is simple, clear operation, and the price relative to the same size of the display products compared to the pro-people, and display effect is also relatively ideal.This is one of the reasons why hotels prefer LCD advertising machines.

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