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Half A Year To Win The Year, 2018 Shows The Market 5 Major Opportunities
Dec 11, 2018

Abstract: Since 2018, the survival situation of the display industry has not been optimistic. Large-scale products, including color TVs and projections, as well as small-scale market products such as DLP splicing, have suffered from market pressures of greater or lesser. However, under the pressure, the industry market also has a lot of "breakthrough" points of view. It shows that the market as a whole presents the characteristics of “structured” transformation.
   Since 2018, it has shown that the survival situation of the industry is not optimistic. Large-scale products, including color TVs and projections, as well as small-scale market products such as DLP splicing, have suffered from market pressures of greater or lesser. However, under the pressure, the industry market also has a lot of "breakthrough" points of view. It shows that the market as a whole presents the characteristics of “structured” transformation.

   5 major market opportunities, almost doubled

   From the development pattern of the market in the first half of the year, the sales volume of products above 65 inches in the color TV industry has increased by 100%; the sales volume of micro-intelligent projections in the projection market has increased by 90% in the first half of the year; the market of laser TVs has increased by nearly 180%; the growth of tablet products in business meetings is even more Up to 215%; the advertising machine market increased by 121%.

   The above five major segments have become the “best eye-catching” achievements of the entire display industry, and the brand-new “gold mine”. It is expected that the market will double in the whole year, and the industry market will increase by a total of five or six million units. These products reflect the industrial resonance of “large size display requirements” and “large size display innovation”.


In addition to the above-mentioned "half year and a year" product line, the display industry's more than 30% increase in the field includes: small-pitch LED display market (47%), LCD splicing products market (33%), laser engineering projector market (28%) - These three major projects show high growth in the field, reflecting the market's new round of procurement cycle and technological innovation in two-wheel drive.

   In short, market opportunities must be superimposed on “innovation”, and market opportunities must be related to “segment demand trends”. At the intersection of these two laws, it is not difficult to show that the industry finds “incremental” and “revenue-generating”.

   Large size display becomes the "core" growth logic

   In the hot industry growth area of the display industry since 2018, “large size” is a very important keyword:

   For example, in the home display market, laser TVs, pico projectors, and color TV products all show a trend of “the bigger the more popular”. Industry sources pointed out that the consumption pattern of household display is developing from the two stages of “useful and sufficient” to the third stage: “useful” – enjoyment-type display equipment will face greater market opportunities. It is only limited to meet the products of the just-needed market and gradually loses its competitiveness. At the same time, the high-end large-size display application products, the average average price reduction, such as the average price decline of laser TV 30%, also accelerated its market penetration.


In terms of commercial display, the "big size" market logic follows the "just-needed rules": for example, conferences show that LCD products must show their "larger display size". Traditional liquid crystal display products are concentrated in the display range of 40-60 inches, which is difficult to meet the needs of mainstream conference rooms. With the production of the 10.5-generation line, more 65-85-inch capacity has caused the “quantity increase and low price” of large-size LCD products, which has accelerated the development of the Shangxian conference market. Similar logic applies to the "public space display product" of advertising machines.

   Therefore, although the “demand development stage” of households and businesses is different, it is common in the market value of large size: projection display products are eager to gain 2-3 times growth opportunities in the home market; Dimensional LCD depends on the supply revolution of 10.5 generation line (2018 BOE Hefei, 2019 Huaxing Optoelectronics Shenzhen, and later BOE Wuhan, Huaxing Optoelectronics Shenzhen Second Line and QunChuang Guangzhou Line will be put into production around 2020) will also get more than 4 times market Growth opportunities.

   The engineering business has a new cycle, grasping the "rhythm" and "structured" market

   The “growth” core of the household and general commercial markets is different from the “large-size” display technology and demand changes; the engineering business, especially the demand for the video wall market, shows more cyclical and structural characteristics. :

   First, it is affected by the new round of economic cycles. The profit level of enterprises, especially the growth of the profit level of large state-owned enterprises; the new round of expansion of domestic demand and infrastructure stimulus policies, led to the expansion of the demand for the video wall display industry. This overall is conducive to the growth of industry companies.


However, even in the industry expansion cycle, the DLP splicing product market is still not very optimistic, but the emerging small-pitch LED splicing in the high-end command and dispatch center market "high triumphant", its growth is almost equivalent to "this round of boom cycle increment sum". At the same time, LCD splicing products rely on price advantage and high-end breakthrough two growth points, outstanding performance in the economic large-screen wall market, achieving a firm foothold in the high-end market, a place.

   Second, the video wall splicing large-screen industry also shows the "structured" market characteristics. For example, the growth of LCD splicing walls has a lot to do with the growth of county township markets and the wisdom of medium-sized enterprises. In the regional market, it also shows that the central and western markets are more expensive than the eastern ones. This is closely related to the imbalance of the traditional market structure and the country's stimulus policy with the shortcomings as the core. For example, the phenomenon of industrial differentiation has also occurred from time to time - small coal mines in the coal industry are under pressure from safety and environmental protection issues, showing a gradual market exit trend, but large coal mines and large coal chemical industry show "growth after integration."

   This kind of structured industry demand characteristics makes it necessary for large-screen industry enterprises to “examine the deeper internal market trends”, so as to explore the key points of marketing, in order to effectively seize this round of market opportunity cycle.

   Third, the growth of emerging applications has brought new opportunities for large-screen projects. For example, the development of the cultural travel market represents a new consumer trend, the development of the big data industry represents a new management model, and the development of smart industry represents a new direction of information... these industrial opportunities, the demand for large-screen products It has the characteristics of “less precedent, more innovation, large market gap and wide incremental space”, and has become an important field in the big screen engineering industry since 2018.

   In short, the regularity of the cycle, the structured market and the “special market segment rhythm” make the engineering firm appear “more complex and colorful” – no lack of vitality and opportunity, but grasping the opportunity requires foresight and Careful industry segmentation research. Under such an industrial environment, innovative enterprises are prone to create new paths, and old enterprises are prone to “squatting” and the competitive environment is more “opportunistic”.

   Grasping the "new leader" of the industry, enterprises should be "more brave"

   In 2018, the market opportunities in the industry are not “universal,” which means that not all companies in the display industry can benefit from it. For example, the market development of micro-investment products, the main benefits currently are nuts, rice and Tmall magic screen; for example, the main benefit of the development of the command and dispatch center market is LCD splicing and small-pitch LED products... Inequality also means a certain degree of corporate differentiation.


In the command and dispatch center market, most small-pitch LED companies are “new participation forces”; in the conference display market, the competition between the LCD camp and the projection camp is revived, and the traditional projection channels and Taiwanese projection brands in this round of contests “ In the laser engineering projection market, the momentum of the DLP camp is obviously more fierce, and the second and third-line brands in the engineering projection market have a tendency to become a frontline...

    Industry experts pointed out that once the market trend of the entire market establishes the characteristics of "structured", it will inevitably mean that the development situation of future manufacturers will be "structured." Therefore, in the new round of market opportunities, the industry players should be more “brave”, whether it is the expansion of emerging markets, the introduction and innovation of new technologies, the adjustment of the immediate interest pattern, or even abandonment... It takes courage, and only those brands that have the courage to step out of different rhythms can become winners in the “structural opportunity” market.

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