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Apple's Future VR Head Display Will Use A Miniature LED Display
Nov 19, 2018

After Apple acquired LuxVue, a leader in the micro LED display technology industry in May 2014, John Doer, a venture capitalist at Kaipeng Huaying, commented that LuxVue will achieve a breakthrough in display technology. Everyone has speculated about how Apple will use this technology, but there is no clue, especially after Apple announced that the 2017 iPhone screen supply chain will be replaced by OLED, the Apple Watch screen will also be changed to OLED. So in the layout of the Apple Empire, where is the micro LED display?


In a report released this week in EETimes magazine, we saw the most reliable speculation about Apple's movement so far. The report writes that micro-LED technology will be used in "direct-projection displays", including applications in augmented reality and virtual reality, such as head-mounted displays. The CEO of EXALOS said that for the next generation of displays, miniature LEDs will be a key component for improving performance and brightness.
Another report from EETimes last June pointed out that high-brightness and visual enhancement systems such as head-up displays and head-mounted displays can improve safety and performance in industries such as aerospace and automotive, as pilots and drivers can get through the display in the line of sight. Key navigation data and information without having to look down at the display.
For consumers, augmented reality smart glasses or projection devices can provide navigation, improve safety, browse ads, and provide other information. LED microdisplays are ideal for wearable systems because LED microdisplays have a small footprint, low energy consumption, high contrast and high brightness.
The main application of the miniature LED display is the responsibility of Apple projects. The head-up display may be used in Project Titan, as other related technologies from PrimeSense (acquired by Apple) can help. In addition, the head-mounted display will be used for the virtual reality of Apple's secret creation.
Finally, although there is no conclusive evidence, at least for now we know where the micro LED technology goes. This advanced technology will appear in some consumer and professional versions in the near future.

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