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Analysis On The Development Pattern Of The Advertising Machine Market In 2018
Dec 07, 2018

I sent away 2017 and ushered in a new 2018. As far as the digital signage industry is concerned, in the past year, it has been a fruitful and challenging period. Then, in the new 2018, what kind of development pattern will the LCD advertising machine market usher in?


Although the domestic LCD advertising machine industry has developed to this day and has achieved certain brilliant achievements, there are still many problems, such as the long-standing competition disorder, quality confusion, lag of ideas, etc. Therefore, there is still a huge improvement in the future. And enhance the space.
First of all, some LCD advertising machine manufacturers are eager for quick success, blind expansion, increase production capacity, neglecting the construction of sales channels and brand improvement, resulting in mismatched production and sales, overcapacity, low price dumping, unfair competition, and the industry is chaotic. Secondly, the quality of LCD advertising machines produced by various manufacturers is not good. Due to the narrow cost control concept, many companies still have problems such as poor material selection, rough processing, and lack of services. Then, a considerable number of LCD advertising companies lacked corresponding funds and technology R&D investment, weak independent innovation capability, common imitation and plagiarism, and serious product homogeneity, which seriously hindered the innovation and development of the customized advertising machine industry. Finally, the quality of LCD advertising machine employees is not high, the degree of professionalism is low, and the phenomenon of loose management and lack of execution is widespread, which seriously hinders the growth and growth of advertising machine enterprises.


Although the LCD advertising machine industry market is huge, it is not easy to get a share. Therefore, liquid crystal advertising machine enterprises must have certain strength. When product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed, they bid farewell to high-input, rough and extensive expansion to achieve growth, but rely on technological innovation and resource integration. , comprehensive management, fine marketing and other comprehensive soft power, enter a new development track.

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