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Analysis Of The Development Prospects Of LED Display Segment Market
Jan 02, 2019

In the field of display, the biggest feature of LED display relative to other display devices is the "assembly" of the module, and because the basic pixel pitch can be adjusted according to the needs, the assembly can achieve large-scale "seamless" splicing, and LED display products show a flexible and changeable style. Based on this characteristic of LED display, LED display screens have produced many market segments. With the development of technology, each market segment is showing its own distinctive features. Amazing development potential.

     LED display leads the new image of outdoor media market
     As the LED display in the outdoor media market, with the continuous breakthrough of packaging technology and spacing technology, LED display has become more and more frequent in our field of vision, with its high brightness, wide viewing angle and screen area. The characteristics of adjustability and so on have gradually replaced the traditional advertising information to present a single billboard, light box, etc., which has become a new force for outdoor advertising media.


The products show a clear trend of spreading from first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities, and are widely used in bustling streets, stations, shopping malls, landmark buildings, and activity centers. It is worth noting that in 2016, the small-pitch market presented a hot scene, and its outdoor application trend was obvious. Taking the emerging light pole screen as an example, through the combination of lighting, Internet, video screen monitoring, information release and other system technologies, As a smart street lighting system, it has become the focus of media attention in the construction of smart cities. It is conceivable that with the construction of intelligent transportation system, we will see the light pole screen system that publishes information such as advertisements, major emergencies and travel weather. The great convenience brought to the urban residents has caused a revolution in the way of foreign media, and the market space is huge.

    The rental market has huge room for improvement

    With the development of the splicing and disassembly characteristics of the LED display, it can be called the “guerrilla team” of the LED display. The rental screen module is easy to “disassemble”, and can be assembled into various styles of display mode, customized requirements. Higher, often on the stage, party and other backgrounds to show the other effects of the stage to present a shocking audio-visual sense, as the powerful equipment for shaping the atmosphere of the current stage, the rapid development of culture, entertainment and sports industry, the rental screen market in recent years The development is faster, but the market performance is chaotic. The quality of the products is lacking. In 2016, there were too many rental screen collapse accidents, which exposed the drawbacks of the rental market. However, in general, affected by the development of the cultural and sports industry, the future rental screen The development of the market is promising, and with the popularization of small-pitch LED displays, the higher-end rental screens in the future will be able to satisfy the higher and more perfect stage atmosphere.

    Indoor display market continues to usher in new application areas

    As the main application position of the current surface-mounted LED display products, the indoor LED display spacing has been developed from the early main P7 and P5. At present, P3 and P4 have become the mainstream display in the room, and the small-pitch LED display below P2.5 The screen has risen strongly in 2016. Various ultra-high-definition LED display products under P2 have begun to appear one after another. The display has reached 4K effect. The LED display TVs of related companies have started to be launched in the high-end market. At the same time, the scale of major lamp manufacturers Expansion of production, the future of larger-scale LED display volume is worth looking forward to, it is worth noting that with the recent construction of major semiconductor chip factories in China, the future core chip technology will be greatly improved, LED display spacing technology will Further breakthroughs, more and more high-definition LED display is an indisputable reality, and due to the decline in prices, the current commercial and commercial market penetration has been developed, and combined with the application of emerging hot technologies such as AR/VR and naked-eye 3D, with small spacing LED display itself features a huge market space. In general, LED display screens with small pitch as the leading market display market will become an important embodiment of the LED display market potential.

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