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Analysis Of The Development Prospects Of LCD Outdoor Advertising Machines?
Feb 01, 2019

1.Outdoor advertising machines, in line with the development of the Internet society, a new media platform, outdoor advertising machine manufacturers are very optimistic about this industry, where is it? The following small series will help you analyze: First, the outdoor advertising machine has the following characteristics: 1. Visual impact is strong in setting up advertisements in outdoor public places, and has an unparalleled advantage in transmitting information and expanding influence. A giant advertisement set up in a prime location in the city. It is a must-have for any company that wants to build a lasting brand image. It is straightforward and simple, and it is enough to fascinate the big advertisers all over the world, and often even become a landmark of the city.


2, long time to release outdoor advertising machine 24 hours a day, running, is a persistent, all-weather media, this feature makes it easier for the audience to see, it will last forever with the needs of customers. Online media also has similar advantages, but in the virtual world, the audience needs a series of prerequisites to get close, while outdoor media, because of the uniqueness of physical space, this advantage is played more thoroughly. 3, the information capacity of the large advertising machine can make programs, instant playback, rich content. At the same time, the content is not limited to advertisements, but also programs. Including special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV series, interstitial ads. 4. Low-cost outdoor media is the most valuable mass media. Although its price is different, its cost is the lowest compared with newspapers, magazines, radio stations, etc., while outdoor LCD advertising machines only need to be used once. Sexual investment, the cost is relatively low, in addition, LCD advertising machine has timed delivery, high accuracy, coupled with its low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving, advertising machine has become an indispensable display platform for brand promotion.

Outdoor advertising machines have become the new darling of the advertising industry, and its growth rate is much higher than that of traditional TV, newspapers and magazine media. The outdoor advertising machine is called "the fifth media". Especially in recent years, "outdoor advertising machines" have become the focus of risk investors. Therefore, more and more business friends are often outdoor advertising machines when promoting their product information. It can be said that the advantages of outdoor advertising machines in promoting product information and expanding market influence are very significant, precisely because they display information efficiently. Direct and convenient will have a better market prospect.
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