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Analysis Of Four Application Markets For Small-pitch LED Display
Dec 24, 2018

With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the definition of small-pitch LED display is constantly being refreshed. Ten years ago, products with pixel pitches below 4mm were called small-pitch LED displays.
After five years, the definition of small spacing was refreshed to less than 3mm. Today, this definition has been refreshed to 2.5mm or less.


The emergence of small-pitch display technology has promoted the expansion of LED display to indoor ultra-high-definition applications. Starting from 2015, the domestic large-screen display market, small-pitch LED display
The products are on the market and the market continues to heat up. The small-pitch LED display is mainly used in what market, and has any advantages. Below is the joint venture (
Let's analyze and analyze with everyone.
       First, security monitoring: With seamless seams, excellent color performance, low energy consumption, etc., small-pitch LED display can meet the command and dispatch center with high requirements on image quality, command and control
Demand for high-end indoor applications such as centers, radio and television studios, and weather information centers. DLP rear projection splicing large screens, which are currently dominant in security surveillance, command and dispatch, etc.
Compared with the fast-growing LCD splicing screen, the significant advantage of the small-pitch LED display is seamless splicing. In theory, the size can be expanded indefinitely, and the installation method is flexible and the thickness of the screen is thin.
It saves space and has high brightness, which can meet the needs of semi-outdoor environment. In addition, there is no high cost of replacing the lamp, low energy consumption, and low operation and maintenance cost.
       Second, the exhibition: small-pitch LED display has a flexible construction method, wide viewing angle, ultra-thin body, easy installation and maintenance, and low power consumption, widely applicable to all kinds of public information
Display areas, such as information bulletin boards in hotel lobbies, airports, theaters, hospitals, etc., as well as corporate image publicity, museum artifacts, stadium scoreboards, etc. Public information exhibition
In the commercial field where demand is required, the small-pitch LED display can replace the large and medium-sized commercial display. The significant advantage is that it can achieve large-size seamless splicing, low power consumption and long life.
To meet the high-intensity use requirements of long-term continuous start-up operation.
      Third, business education: small-pitch LED display can also meet the needs of various commercial fields, such as corporate conference rooms, chairman's office, network video conferences, etc., can be replaced
Projector for a bright office environment. Its rich electronic whiteboard supporting functions can also meet the information presentation needs of various schools and educational institutions. Although the current business education field is not small
Pitch LED display main direction, but compared with traditional projectors, electronic whiteboards and other products, small-pitch LED display installation and maintenance is more convenient, especially its self-illuminating characteristics, can
Meet the needs of bright meeting rooms, classrooms, etc.
      Fourth, the household field: the improvement of the fineness of the screen, the indoor application of the LED display becomes possible. With the continuous improvement of display technology, LED power based on small-pitch LED display technology
It also came into being. In recent years, many LED display manufacturers have cut into this market, constantly increasing technology research and development, and accelerating the pace of marching into the field of home display applications. Currently in the family
LCD TVs, projectors and other devices are dominant in the application field. As a household, the outstanding advantage of LED TV is the use of independent lighting technology, brightness, color, refresh frequency are more liquid
Crystal TV has an advantage. It is more convenient to install and maintain than the projector, and does not need to rely on the projection screen, even in a bright studio. However, the current small pitch LED display
As a home TV product, the screen is still in the initial stage of testing. The main problems are that the cost is too high, and it is not suitable for long-term viewing. And the smaller the pitch, the higher the price of the product, and the existing
Compared with LCD TVs, despite the obvious advantages in terms of size and power consumption, the price is also very obvious. Therefore, the most likely breakthrough for small-pitch LED TVs should be high-end villas.
Large size private cinema. As the cost declines in the future, the possibility of entering the ordinary family living room is also there.
      LED display technology is constantly evolving, and small-pitch display technology is becoming more and more mature. The maturity of the small pitch technology has led to a continuous decline in production costs. By then, I believe that the small pitch LED display
The price of the screen will become more and more popular, and it will be just around the corner!

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