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All Kinds Of Good News Show LED Display Industry Development Prospects Unlimited
Sep 26, 2018


All kinds of good news show LED display industry development prospects Unlimited

China Security Exhibition Network Enterprise concern
"According to the prospective Industrial Research Institute, China
Smart Lighting
Industry Analysis report shows that in 2016, the domestic intelligent lighting industry market size of about 12.4 billion yuan, up 23% yoy.Smart LEDs will iterate over the traditional lighting market and are therefore a battleground for the future.
Recently, the mainland industry led wafer giant Enterprise three-in-one photoelectric, three-photoelectric board resolution to spend 33.3 billion yuan (equivalent to NT $150 billion) for the expansion plan, and name expansion of 7 major projects, in addition to a related to the LED, the remaining 6 covered gallium arsenide components, communication components.This 5-year expansion plan is a big investment.And according to a series of LED manufacturers estimate, MOCVD machine cost about 150~200 million, plus gas, pipeline about nearly 100 million yuan.It is not difficult to see, three Ann is in the late rapid expansion of the pre-production of adequate material and technical reserves, I believe that in the future will be in 2018 will have a qualitative general leap.
The market environment is a peaceful trend LED display industry prospects for unlimited
Today, the LED industry is already a deterministic trillion-level market, whether it is the government policy support, or the big screen enterprises for the endless pursuit of cutting-edge technology, or the industry practitioners of the overall product awareness of the promotion, the entire LED display industry presents a thriving trend of development!In particular, industry veterans, as well as leading industry leaders in the next two or three years, the rapid development of the industry, have maintained optimistic expectations.All this good news, we are not difficult to see, LED display industry penetration rate (30%~40%) in China's manufacturing system has surpassed many other industry standards, and there are double space, these years are still in a rapid replacement phase.
It has to be mentioned that the global packaging industry has gradually shifted to the mainland trend.According to authoritative research institutes, the mainland enterprises to undertake foreign packaging manufacturers Seoul Semiconductor, Samsung and other factory orders are also gradually increased.And, the packaging industry is now forming a "super-strong" situation.It is obvious that the large volume of MLS, almost stand out in the industry, its capacity and revenue can be said to be "ahead" in the industry a series of similar manufacturers.In particular, after the acquisition of Ledvance, revenue scale is a three times-fold expansion into a world-class led enterprises. “How strong ", the National Starlight Electricity and Hong Li Zhi Hui firmly in the second camp, both volume equivalent (revenue in 2 billion ~30 billion), but also each has its own characteristics.The third echelon is Ruifeng photoelectric, poly-Fei photoelectric and other relatively small-scale packaging enterprises-based (revenue in 15~20 billion).The current pattern, although the initial set, but shuffle is still in continuous, resources to the head of the enterprise concentration.Thus, China's led packaging enterprises are facing a global market.
The superiority of COB technology is obvious micro-led seems to be unwilling to
Although, from the present, the production capacity relative to the first half did not change much, capacity utilization level is not high.However, continuous scientific research has been launched in succession.Compared to the traditional display packaging devices, 2010 into the field of LED display Cob technology has also led a new wave of industry, with high reliability, low cost, easy to achieve small spacing, large viewing angle light, wear and impact resistance, easy to clean, strong heat dissipation and many other advantages.The industry is also generally optimistic about this technology, just because the ink is not equal technical problems without breakthrough progress, the participation of the enterprises are less than two reasons, cob technology did not quickly to the market.
But compared with micro-led, COB technology is closer to China's LED display industry.In earlier times, our country has Changchun Hida, Sag Shun, ao Lei Tatsu and so on a number of pioneering enterprises in the silent development.Recently, there are Lehman shares, Tak Ho and other packaging manufacturers to participate in the great courage.The identity of the two listed companies is remarkable, which has far-reaching significance to the promotion of cob technology, and also has great progress in technology.This message a time in the karma of the monstrous waves, giving people the cob ERA is soon to feel.Cob is booming, the news of Samsung's stake in Neptunium will push micro-led into the spotlight.Taiwan-based manufacturers in the OLED panel in the backward position, then make up their mind to find a place on the micro-led, recapture by Samsung and the mainland to Jindongfang-led enterprises to seize the market.
LED chip manufacturers to reduce the phenomenon of the LED components in the field is facing challenges
However, the recent two-year led chip price stability and a small upward trend has finally come to an end, this period occurred in two years, the first price reduction event, but also caused a big stir in the industry.And according to the industry authority disclosed that three Ann and huacan sales of mainstream chips have different amplitude adjustment, individual varieties dropped even up to 20%.The main reason for the price reduction is, of course, that the external environment for more than a year's supply of chips has changed.For chip manufacturers, the two-year sales price is not moving, the relative cost has been a lot of decline, but also has the internal conditions of price reduction.For downstream chip buyers, the two-year price reduction brought about by the cost of pressure has been a certain degree of relief.
There is no doubt that led chip price reduction phenomenon is the supply and demand relationship from supply to oversupply of the important characterization, but this price will evolve into the LED chip industry to restart a new round of the start of the bargain competition?We can't give a definite answer now, we can only wait and watch it change.In addition, with the cost of LED lamp beads, LED display industry more applications are gradually being excavated, such as smart lighting, car lighting and other new series of related applications are not engraved on the LED display field of the next stage of demand.

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