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2018 Shanghai International LED Exhibition, The New Product Highlights Video Image Processing Charm
Nov 02, 2018

September 2018 19-21st, the 14th annual Shanghai International LED exhibition held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center, Mai Pu Vision to carry the annual variety of new products, a variety of new video technology display program has become the focus of the exhibition, attracting a large number of spectators standing in the crowd, A glimpse of the latest technology in the field of video equipment.

 In just the end of the Chengdu IFC Show a number of V8 switcher Cascade Video Switching Technology program, in this show more powerful output function, connected by 20 LCD LCD splicing wall, the screen is very shocking;Combined with the self-developed server and broadcast control software, the display of multi-screen splicing, seamless switching, roaming, special-shaped image playback and other powerful image processing functions, the perfect interpretation of the "multi-machine linkage, control the full" of the product charm, become the most popular products on the scene.

At present, the ultra-large resolution of the small pitch LED screen has become the mainstream of the current market, it has many pictures, the characteristics of large resolution;This exhibition shows the mig-cl9600 series video splicing, with a powerful single-channel output 12 layer/60hz function, input support 4k/60hz 4:4:4;Support custom input/output resolution, real-time network echo, subtitle table, and other functions;Meet the security Monitoring, command and dispatch, military exercises, radio and television media, multimedia conferencing, such as the use of space requirements.

 Show the latest broadcast control software technology solutions, it can be used in conjunction with the MIG-H8 console control, through the combination of video processing equipment, can be synchronized to achieve multi-screen selection splicing, so that the picture splicing more creative, to meet the market various special-shaped screen video playback needs.

At the exhibition, also display MIG-F4 video splicing box and a variety of video processors;Diversified, multi-functional products meet the needs of many customers in the field of engineering and leasing different use of the environment, embodies the maples and Calder vision of a strong product development capabilities.

2018 Shanghai International LED exhibition has been the perfect ending, Mai pu vision through a variety of new products with a strong product performance, so that all audiences experience the video equipment to bring wonderful image charm, but also see Maples and Calder in the field of product technology innovation concept;We will, as always, practical forward, to bring customers better, more quality products.

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