SCR Network Publishing System:

SCR system is a new generation of multimedia broadcasting platform.

Using the digital coding and the transmission technology, video, audio, photos and rolling subtitles and other multimedia information through the network platform transmission to display terminal.

It is centralized control, unified management, through the network to realize the terminals to be remote monitored, and upgraded fast.

Working principle:

In the server install the SCR system, server is main administrator, can set several user (assistants) with permission. Administrator and assistants input the server IP, may entry the server control center, then through system and internet to control the all the LCD terminals, Server through internet download the information to memory card of the LCD terminal.


* Platform base to LINUX system, support Windos / Linux...any versions.

* Support derby/ pgsql/ oracle/ sybase database. 

* Support N degree FTP/ DNS/ CDN.

* Support by different server: database server, platform server,FTP server... 

* Using B/S management framework.

* Terminal look for server though IP, and server control terminal by number.

* Support remote upgrade platform.


* Terminal Linux system, away from virus, safe and steady.

* Using softdog, syster can recover at anytime.

* Support network: Wired/ WIFI/ 3G, LAN/WAN.

* Terminals keep broadcasting without internet after download the information. 

(Means terminals will keep working even internet or server not stable or off line.) 

* Automatic play when power on, and power on in specified time.

* Volume adjusment & play media data in specified time.

* SCR server software/ terminal enter code to login, prevent external personnel to enter.

* Main administrator can set several assistants, and set their managing authority.

* Server can see display terminals' situation and download the data on line.

* Download time can be set, download resume from break point. 

* Support live video function.

* Support remote upgrade or USB upgrade the terminal.

* Support screen 360 degree rotate, able for vertical LCD screen.

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