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Where is the difference between the full color LED display P2 and the P3?
Jun 27, 2018

Many users who choose to customize the full color LED display are often not very familiar with a lot of LED screens, so the first card to be used as the first LED display device is the issue of screen point spacing. Li.

The first is the concept of full color LED big screen display. Usually, we use the English letter of P to represent the point space of the screen. P comes from the English word Point, which is the point of meaning, which represents the distance between each point. The point spacing of the LED screen is mm (millimeter). As the name suggests, the P2 full-color indoor LED display device indicates that the distance between the center points of the lamp is 2mm.

So the question is, what is the difference between full-color LED and big screen P2 and P3? For example, the point spacing of P3 is 3mm, and the point spacing of P2 is 2mm, so under the same panel area and model, the P2 display point spacing is smaller, so the display image will be more detailed and HD, and the smaller the point spacing, the higher the price. But it does not mean that the smaller the point spacing is, the better it will be based on the actual application. For example, the full - color outdoor LED displays a large screen, because the visual display distance is usually used by a larger display device, such as a larger display screen than the P3.91LED display, which is more suitable for outdoor users. For security monitoring and other users who need detailed display, the full color small spacing LED display screen will be more suitable.

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