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What should be paid attention to in the maintenance and management of digital network CCTV monitoring system?
Jan 05, 2019


Closed-circuit television monitoring system (also known as CCTV) is an important part of the security field. The system directly observes the situation of the monitored area through remote control cameras and their auxiliary equipment (lens, pan/tilt, etc.), and can also monitor the situation of the monitored place. Perform synchronous recording. In addition, the TV monitoring system can also be operated in conjunction with other security technology prevention systems to improve the overall security protection capabilities of users. The closed-circuit monitoring system can reflect the image of the scene in a timely and realistic manner when people cannot be on duty. Closed-circuit monitoring system has become a modern management tool for users. In the control center, as long as one staff member operates, it is possible to observe the monitoring functions of multiple controlled areas and remote areas. Closed-circuit monitoring systems provide monitoring and control of distances. According to the relevant national technical specifications, the system should be equipped with security cameras, TV monitors, video recorders (or hard disk recorders) and screen processors, so that users can view any screen at any time, remotely operate any camera. The main components of a closed-circuit monitoring system are: a camera or imaging device that produces images, an image transmission and control device, and an image processing and display device. The technical requirements of the CCTV surveillance system are: the clarity of the camera, the transmission bandwidth of the system, the signal-to-noise ratio of the video signal, the format of the TV signal, the camera's ability to achieve higher image quality and operation, and the environmental adaptability of various parts of the system. . Red Apple can select the appropriate system configuration according to the user's requirements, so that the system can meet your various needs: Indoor/outside PTZ: With all the functions of PTZ, it has waterproof and explosion-proof function Color camera: hanging installation Suitable for all kinds of occasions, with waterproof and explosion-proof function monitor: video screen timing switching system for image display color camera: switching the images of multiple cameras in turn on one monitor, can switch the key screen Display, switching time can be adjusted. Even if the number of cameras increases, the monitor does not have to be increased. The system can save personnel costs and the system is economical. Digital segmentation system: A monitor's screen is divided into two to 32 cameras at the same time, and it is possible to simultaneously monitor the scenes of multiple sites with one person. All camera images can be programmed into groups, or switched to a high-definition monitor, and the display can be divided at appropriate time. It can also be switched freely to display the display status in sequence or set to 4 or 16 divisions. For example, the camera image in the system is sent to a 16-screen processor, and one or more 24-hour video recorders can be recorded in real time only with an ordinary 180-minute video tape, and the video can be played back; or the image can be saved on the computer using a hard disk recorder. in. Remote operation camera zoom system: full-scale rotating pan/tilt color 16x zoom camera, through the operation of the system control keyboard, realize camera image scanning from up, down, left and right, remotely control camera pan/tilt, lens focal length, lens aperture, etc. Capture panoramic views of live objects from a distance, as well as enlarged details. CCTV surveillance systems are widely used and are one of the most effective safety facilities available today. It can be used in the hospital's intensive care unit to observe the condition of several patients; used in transportation centers to monitor traffic flow on highways, ports or subways; used in schools to ensure the safety of students' sports; used in commercial centers, banks, storage Supervision and management of warehouses and monitoring in hazardous environments. North Changsheng provides customers with monitoring equipment that can be used in explosive and dangerous environments of factories and mines. At the same time, Shenghe Electronics is backed by technical strength and has the ability to provide customers with comprehensive, complete and efficient monitoring system design.



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