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What kind of effect will the outdoor LCD advertising machine be installed in the scenic spot?
Dec 21, 2018

The one-week long holiday has ended. The holiday provides people with more travel options. The major scenic spots will also face the peak of tourists. The operation of the scenic spot is about to face great challenges. At present, in order to better serve tourists, many scenic spots have installed outdoor LCD advertising machines. Then, what kind of role does the scenic outdoor LCD advertising machine have? What kind of significance will it bring to the scenic spot? Next, the Leopard will come to talk about it. The significance and role of installing the outdoor LCD advertising machine in the scenic spot is Which.


First, improve the service level of the scenic spot

As we all know, the area of the scenic spot is relatively large. When tourists need some consultation or service during the tour, it is often difficult to find a staff member, and the presence of an outdoor LCD advertising machine can solve this situation. The outdoor LCD advertising machine can interact with tourists through smart touch, let visitors know their current location, or click to understand the situation of the scenic spots and the route to the destination, to provide visitors with scenic maps, road guides, guides to explain And other functions. The video playback function can play promotional videos and fun videos, making it easy for visitors to watch while resting. At the same time, it can also display safety warnings and weather forecasts around the clock to remind passengers to pay attention to safety and pay attention to the weather conditions in the scenic spot, reduce accidents and prevent weather changes in advance.


Second, the commercial significance and propaganda use is powerful

The outdoor LCD advertising machine has also opened a new commercial profit model for the scenic spot. As an outdoor intelligent hardware device, the outdoor LCD advertising machine can be played continuously throughout the day in the scenic spot, whether it is exposure, rain, snow or water vapor. Influential, therefore, the scenic spot can attract some commercial advertisements to the outdoor LCD advertising machine, which not only does not affect the overall beauty of the landscape, but also brings more benefits to the scenic spot, thereby better improving the service quality of the scenic spot.


At the same time, the advertising machine can also play a propaganda role, broadcasting bans on smoking, prohibiting wild donkeys, prohibiting littering, displaying public welfare short films, spreading the concept of "Chinese Dream", socialist core values system, ideological and moral construction of minors, and creating nationwide Useful information such as the Civilization City. And update in real time to promote the construction of cultural scenic spots and the development of urban civilization.

22Facing the upcoming peak of tourists, I believe that the outdoor advertising opportunities in the scenic spots play an important role in relieving the pressure on the management and operation of scenic spots, providing tourists with more convenient parade experiences, improving the profitability of scenic spots, and promoting the better dissemination of scenic culture and social civilization information.

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