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What is the principle of LED transparent display?
Nov 18, 2018


If the principle is said, the liquid crystal acts as a switch. For example, the faucet controls the amount of water, and the liquid crystal controls the amount of light passing through.
1. Is the liquid crystal in the liquid crystal display transparent when it is not energized?
A: The transparency is not the liquid crystal, but the entire display system. The liquid crystal display system in the liquid crystal display is transparent (and is in Normally White mode) when the unfilled flower dumplings are powered.
2. What is the specific LCD inside?
A: Liquid crystal is a polymer material. The function of the optical switch is realized by twisting under an external electric field.
Normally Black and Normally White are two display modes, which are not completely related to the type of liquid crystal. The same liquid crystal + different polarizers can make these two modes. Of course, different liquid crystals can realize these two modes under different working principles.

What is an LED transparent screen? The transparent LED display, as its name suggests, is the same as the LED screen that transmits light. With a permeability of 50% to 90%, the thickness of the panel is only about 10mm, and its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation method.
The transparent LED display principle is a micro-innovation of the LED light bar screen. The patch manufacturing process, the lamp bead package and the control system are all targeted improvements, and the hollowed-out design is adopted to reduce the structural components to the line of sight. Blocking, improving permeability and lighting performance.
Due to the special nature of the glass curtain wall window and other environments, LED transparent screen cabinets are more customized. Wittom LED transparent screen adopts a simplified cabinet design, which reduces the width of the box keel and the fixed number of LED strips. The LED unit panel can be installed close to the glass from behind the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the glass size. The illuminating effect of the curtain wall is also small and easy to install and maintain.

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