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What is the best model for full color transparent LED display with P?
Jan 17, 2019

What is the best model for full color transparent LED display with P? At present, Wittem LED transparent screen models have P3.9, P7.8, P10.4, P12.5. For these types, how to choose?
First, according to the viewing distance:
P represents the pixel pitch, the unit is mm, and the value after P mainly refers to the distance between two pixel points, which we call the dot pitch. Moreover, the smaller the dot pitch value is, the higher the unit pixel point is, the clearer the display picture is, and the more suitable for close-up viewing.
Therefore, for the transparent LED display, the viewing distance is close, generally adopting P3.9, the farther one is P7.8, and the farther is P10.4 or P12.5.


Second, according to the area:
The area is less than 20 square meters. It is recommended to use P3.9 transparent screen.
With an area of 20 to 40 square meters, a P7.8 transparent screen is recommended.
The area is about 40-150 square meters, and the viewing distance is 10 meters away. It is recommended to use P10.4 full color.
If the area is above 150 square meters and the viewing distance is 30 meters away, P12.5 may be considered.

Through the above analysis: the area and viewing distance are related. The farther the viewing distance is, the larger the screen area will be, so the display resolution is not high, so choose a transparent screen with a large dot spacing. Of course, you have money and you can choose a small-pitch screen, but the cost is high. More, not worthwhile.
Therefore, for the full-color transparent LED display with a few P models, it is necessary to combine the screen area, application site, budget and other comprehensive considerations according to actual requirements, the most suitable is the best. For more information on LED transparent screens, please contact Wittom Optoelectronics.

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