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What are the main scenarios for led transparent screen?
Sep 26, 2018

What are the main scenarios for led transparent screen?

Led transparent screen is based on the traditional LED display on the basis of the development of new products, breaking the traditional LED display screen in the use of glass curtain wall limitations.Led transparent screen is mainly used in 6 large scenes:
1, stage choreography: Led transparent screen can be based on the stage modeling diversification, the use of LED screen body self-transparent, light and thin features, produce a strong perspective effect, so that the depth of the whole picture is longer.At the same time does not hinder the stage design leaves the light to hang and to play the space, to the stage to render certain atmosphere and the movement, more can express the topic.
2, large shopping malls: Led transparent display modern art beauty and the effective combination of shopping malls, shopping malls, glass partitions, etc. have a wide range of application prospects.
3, chain stores: Rich personality of the store image can attract consumers to stop the pace, increase passenger traffic.Unique design techniques, so that transparent LED display instead of traditional storefront external wall LED display, richer and vivid video ads, so that the store cool, very attractive eye ball.
4, Science and Technology Museum: Science and Technology Museum is the dissemination of scientific knowledge of the important scene, led transparent display can be custom-shaped, as a high-tech effect display, people can be led transparent screen to perceive the magic of technology and mystery.
5. Glass window: With the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry represented by retail, led transparent screen for the retailer to bring revolutionary changes in the building façade, glass window decoration, interior decoration and other fields are increasingly popular.
6, Construction Media: With the development of LED technology.Construction media technology has also made leaps and steps, especially in the application of glass curtain wall building, in recent years, has gradually become hot, LED light bar screen, transparent led canopy screen and other solutions.

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