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What are the common sense of using LCD advertising machines?
Nov 17, 2018

Since liquid crystal advertising machines are mostly used in public places, voltage instability may cause equipment damage. Shenzhen vertical advertising machine is recommended to use a stable 220V power supply, and must not use a power supply together with high-power equipment such as elevator power. In places where the voltage is often unstable. For example, subway stations, buses, etc., please use the corresponding voltage regulator equipment for voltage regulation, otherwise it will cause the advertising machine to work unstablely and even burn out the advertising machine. The price of advertising machines is also not the most important factor.
How to avoid it in daily use? Next, I will share with you the common sense of its use. About all the problems of LCD advertising machine can find technology to help you solve, we have 10 years of technical experience, specializing in the production of touch one machine, and related products, the following technology to introduce the common sense of LCD advertising machine.
1. Please do not block the ventilation holes and audio sound holes on the advertising machine casing. Never place the advertising machine near radiators, heat sources, or any other device that may affect normal ventilation. In case the temperature inside the chassis is too high and the device is damaged during operation
3. For the stand-alone LCD advertising player, please do not plug or unplug the CF card in the power-on state, and operate it after shutdown.
4. Do not disassemble or repair the LCD advertising machine yourself to avoid high voltage electric shock or other dangers. Professional maintenance personnel should be required to complete all maintenance work.
These analyses show an increase in demand for car advertising machines. Where is the reason?
(1) Although the car advertising machine has been used for many years in China, there is still room for popularization. Especially in the development of new cities, many buses, subways, and car advertising machines will naturally increase in demand. (2) Another reason is that buses used in cities are also replacing new ones, and new products are constantly appearing in car advertising machines. Therefore, the demand for new car advertising machines is also necessary. (3) More and more businesses are seeing the advantages of car advertising machines, and the role of car advertising machines for brand promotion. Therefore, the demand for car advertising machines will increase.
This is an analysis of domestic orders. The reason for the increase in demand for the Shenzhen vertical advertising machine. For foreign analysis, this is because some foreign countries are popularizing buses, and they also see the role of car advertising machines, so they need a large number of car advertising machines. Therefore, the development of foreign business is still very important. The contingency is an emerging country in Africa. Central and South-East America, these developing countries.
In general, the development trend of the domestic advertising machine in the next few years is still growing, and for the foreign market, it will continue to grow. Therefore, Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. told domestic advertising machine manufacturers that they should continue to explore foreign markets while paying attention to the domestic market.
The price of LCD advertising machine Shenzhen LCD advertising machine is the cheapest. The main reason is that Shenzhen has more advertising machine manufacturers and accessories are produced in Shenzhen, and the technology is also the most mature. Therefore, the price of LCD advertising machine in Shenzhen is good. The name of the LCD advertising machine is derived from the advertising machine of the advertising machine which adopts the LCD screen advertising machine. The LCD screen mainly adopts the LCE liquid crystal screen and the LED liquid crystal screen. In both LCD screens, the LED LCD screen is a better LCD screen. Therefore, the price of the LED LCD advertising machine is slightly higher than that of the LCD liquid crystal advertising machine.


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