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Video surveillance system features and functions
Dec 25, 2018

First, what are the characteristics of the video surveillance system?

1. The digitization of video surveillance should first be the flow of information (including video, audio, control, etc.) from the analog state to the network video codec in the system to the digital state, which will completely break the "classic closed-circuit television system is based on camera imaging technology. The structure of the center fundamentally changes the way and structure of the video surveillance system from information collection, data processing, transmission, system control, and so on. Digitalization of information flow, coding compression, and open protocol enable seamless connection between intelligent network video surveillance systems and subsystems in security systems, and management and control on a unified operating platform. This is system integration. meaning.

2. The network of video surveillance video surveillance will be transitioned from integrated to distributed system with the structure of this system. The distributed system adopts multi-level hierarchical structure, multi-task, multi-user and distributed with micro-core technology. The operating system realizes the rapid response of the preemptive task scheduling algorithm. The hardware and software of the distributed video surveillance system adopt standardization, modularization and systematic design. The configuration of the video surveillance system equipment has strong versatility, good openness and system configuration. Flexible, complete control functions, convenient data processing, friendly man-machine interface, simple system installation, commissioning and maintenance, system security, fault tolerance and other functions.

3. The network of video surveillance has broken the geographical and quantitative boundaries of the deployment area and equipment expansion to some extent. System networking will share the hardware and software resources of the entire network system and the sharing of tasks and workloads. This is an important concept of system integration. Network-powered camera.


Second, what is the function of the video surveillance system?

1. High security and image mask technology to prevent illegal tampering of video data; only authorized users can enter the system to view and call video data, and can issue management accounts with different rights to managers of different identities; effectively prevent malicious damage; Powerful log management features ensure the safe use of dedicated systems. The data transmitted between the server and the client is all encrypted.

2, the server platform is convenient, in the building monitoring room / city public security bureau, district (county) public security bureau and the police station, you can easily install the client software, just assign the user login account with different permissions, you can view the front camera Monitor the image data of the point.

3. Privilege Management In order to ensure the privacy of the Internet personnel and the security of the video data, the video surveillance system has the operation authority management, and the system login and operation are strictly controlled to ensure the security of the system.


4. Century Star introduces remote video surveillance and monitoring personnel to remotely retrieve the monitoring images stored in the Internet cafe, and can remotely issue control commands, intelligently retrieve and play back video data, adjust the focal length of the camera lens, control the gimbal for inspection or local details. Observed.

5, local video, save local video surveillance video data within a certain period of time, and can easily query, collect evidence, provide a basis for post-mortem investigation.

6. Anytime and anywhere surveillance video function, no matter where you are, any password authorized user can connect to the monitoring network through the computer network around you, you can see the instant image of any monitoring network and record according to the need, avoiding the geographical interval. Inconvenience caused by supervision and management.

7. The video surveillance system includes the management of the basic information of the Internet cafe, and the electronic map is combined. When the Internet cafe has an unexpected situation, the basic information of the Internet cafe (Internet cafe phone number, address, person in charge) can be obtained in time, and the contact is faster. Go to the relevant person in charge of the Internet cafe.

8, the system can be highly scalable, if you need to add a new monitoring network, add the corresponding Internet cafe information and device information on the server side.

9. The combination of Internet cafe monitoring and electronic map can more intuitively view the geographical location of the Internet cafe through the electronic map, and display the running status of the Internet cafe monitoring device in real time on the electronic map. When the user needs to view the monitoring information of an Internet cafe, Just double-click the Internet cafe on the electronic map to enter the monitoring interface of the Internet cafe.



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