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The most detailed and reasonable LED transparent screen type division
Nov 18, 2018

Since its launch, LED transparent screens have been favored by the market and are widely used in various fields such as stage, auto show and TV station. How to classify LED transparent screens? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to:
First, according to the lamp bead patch
1. The lamp is stuck
The front-illumination technology is adopted, that is, the conventional LED display standard lamp bead can ensure a viewing angle of 140° in all directions.
2. Lamp side stickers
With side-emitting technology, the side-mounted LED lamp bead is mounted on the upper or lower side of the light bar, with a viewing angle of 160° and a wider viewing angle. The industry is called a side-lit LED transparent screen, which stands for Wittam vClear-S and iClear-S series.


Summary: The side-emitting LED transparent screen has higher permeability and a wider viewing angle. Due to the side design of the lamp bead, the permeability is higher, it can reach more than 90%, and it has better anti-collision ability and quick maintenance requirements. Therefore, it has been accepted by the market and is being sought after.
Second, according to the installation method
Rental hoisting
It is directly installed with hanging beams (with hooks) and is frequently installed and disassembled, such as concerts, stage performances, and exhibitions.
2. Fixed lifting
This method is used in shopping malls, atriums, gold jewelry stores, business halls, etc. After the installation is completed, it is not easy to move.
2. Glass curtain wall installation
This is also a fixed installation method, mainly for the field of glass curtain wall. According to the type of glass curtain wall, there are different solutions, mainly these: single point glass curtain wall installation, double point / four point glass Curtain wall installation, component glass curtain wall installation, full glass glass curtain wall installation.


Summary: The common installation methods are the above three types, in addition to the stacking method, the uncommon fixed method of the transparent screen of the sky. If you want to find out more about the solution, you can contact Witham.
Third, according to the application field
1, the stage dance beauty: LED transparent screen can be built according to the stage shape, using the screen itself transparent, thin and light features, resulting in a strong perspective effect, making the depth of the entire picture longer. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to leave space for the lights to hang and play, to give the stage a certain atmosphere and dynamic, and to express the theme.
2, large-scale shopping malls: LED transparent screen modern art beauty and shopping mall environment effectively combined, shopping malls, glass partitions, etc. have a wide range of applications.
3, chain stores: a personalized store image can attract consumers to stop and increase passenger flow. The unique design method allows the transparent LED screen to replace the traditional storefront exterior LED display, rich and vivid video advertising, and cool to attract eyeballs.


4. Science and Technology Museum: Science and Technology Museum is an important scene for disseminating scientific knowledge. LED transparent screen can be customized for different shapes, and the magic and mystery of technology is perceived.
5, glass window: LED transparent screen for retailers to bring revolutionary changes, in the building facade, glass window decoration, interior decoration and other fields are increasingly welcomed.
6. Construction media: Especially in the application of glass curtain wall construction, it has gradually become hot in recent years, and various solutions such as glass curtain wall and LED transparent canopy have appeared.

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