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The contest between transparent and outdoor LED display
Oct 12, 2018


The contest between transparent and outdoor LED display

With the development of urbanization and commercial economy, the scale of outdoor advertising market is getting bigger and larger, as an outdoor dynamic advertising carrier LED display, but also more and more popular in the market, but the traditional box-type LED display because of its own defects for manufacturers and customers brought a lot of trouble, and the introduction of the skeleton LED light strip screen, It's almost perfect to solve the problems that plague people.
According to statistics, LED display failure in the case, 60% is due to insufficient heat dissipation, and LED light screen shutter-like structure to improve the thermal performance, reduce the probability of failure.And, the traditional LED display needs to be removed from behind, often "reaching" repair method is different, light bar screen can be directly on the front of the screen to remove the faulty light strips, also without the construction of maintenance channels, maintenance more convenient.

In fact, the general outdoor advertising screen area demand is not as large as the landmark building, and the large-screen outdoor advertising market demand in the overall outdoor advertising screen accounted for a relatively small proportion, at the same time, the traditional LED outdoor advertising screen installation difficulty and customer demand is also low, the general outdoor advertising LED display can be satisfied, This makes the advantages of LED strip screen no longer appear particularly prominent.In addition, as a non-hermetic structure of the LED display, the light bar screen is difficult to withstand such as traditional box-type display is generally recognized.As we all know, the outdoor display inevitably long-term withstand wind, tolerance becomes a very important requirement for such products, and the open structure, so that the light bar screen in the waterproof, dustproof and other aspects of performance is difficult to be like the traditional LED display

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