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LED transparent screen science articles - take you to understand its powerful side
Nov 18, 2018

LED transparent screen As the name implies, the LED display has the property of transmitting light like glass. Its implementation principle is the micro-innovation of the light bar screen, and the targeted manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system are improved. The structure of the hollow design reduces the blocking of the structural components. , to maximize the perspective effect.

At the same time, it also has a novel and unique display effect. The picture is suspended on the glass curtain wall. This kind of broadcasting method can greatly reduce the light pollution, and can also reduce the energy consumption, and can complete more than 30% energy saving than the general LED display. The LED transparent screen expands the application layout of the LED display to the two major markets of architectural glass curtain wall and commercial retail window display, and then empowers the digital outdoor.


Vientiane screen LED transparent screen series products, for the ultra-transparent, minimal, intelligent, high-light and other key technologies to carry out innovative changes to achieve the ultimate visual experience!

Crystal screen series - LED smart transparent screen series, the largest module size up to 3000mm * 3000mm, the texture is minimal, suitable for indoor large space installation applications. The transparent light strips are evenly arranged and have a crystal texture. Lightweight and easy to install.

201807120934321330Hyun screen series - specially designed for the glass curtain wall, the innovative use of surface-mounting design circuit board to ensure transparency, while improving the brightness of the whole screen, perfect response to some indoor installation, outdoor-oriented high brightness requirements Scenes. The dazzling screen series adopts the surface-mounted light forward lighting technology, with high permeability and high stability. It belongs to the mainstream transparent screen products in the market, with mature technology and moderate price.


Vientiane screen LED transparent screen series products not only ensure the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between floors, glass facades, windows, etc., but also have outstanding heat dissipation function, anti-aging function, and convenient installation and protection, changing the traditional LED The limitations of the display used on glass.

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