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LED transparent screen as a new century from thick to light
Jun 27, 2018

With the development of the era and the influx of the Korean wave, fans' assistance has now become a kind of star catching civilization. LED transparent screen is the performance and highly induction of fans in the new era. In order to express his love and loyalty to the love bean, the fans choose the birthday and other days that have the meaning of the birthday.

LED transparent screen, as the carrier of information transmission, has been successfully overstepped the traditional media, and has become the primary carrier for high density human flow areas, such as shopping malls, subway stations, and so on, with a direct, image, vivid content form. Many people attach importance to the delivery of information and convey useful information to the public. Display characteristics to build bridges on both sides

In this era of seeking characteristic and differentiation, the method of fans for love bean is also constantly innovating. As a new century, the display screen has been constantly seeking break from the road of technological innovation, from the heavy to the flirtatious, from the graphic to the video. Now, with the continuous progress of technology, the LED transparent screen can not only show the good content, but also connect with the network to synchronize the updated content on the Internet to the LED display screen. The products transformed by surgery have become the fans' first choice. Front maintenance: the most important feature of front maintenance is to save space. For indoor or inlaid installation, the space is very golden, so it will not leave too much place as a maintenance channel. Therefore, the front maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED transparent screen structure, which can be well integrated with the surrounding building environment, and can also save space while ensuring the effect. However, this structure has a very high demand for the heat dissipation function of the equipment. The front display screen is thin, no space, material, light weight, convenient installation, suitable for installation of indoor screen, directly to the wall, convenient maintenance. The rear maintenance is usually used for external screen because the outdoor panel can not be removed from the front for the consideration of waterproofing, and the cost of the external frame is higher.

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